Wednesday, April 6, 2011

L/D --- 03/31/2011

Pick of the Week: Other Side's "Central" off of the Milano New Wave Comp.

Aired March 31st, 2011


**Soft Kill  -From This Point On-
An Open Door Lp  Fast Weapons  (2011)
**Other Side  -Central-
Milano New Wave Compilation Lp  Spittle  (2010; Org. '80-'83)
**Poor Girls  -Wouldn't Miss It For the World-
S/T Lp  (1985)
**Sex Gang Children  -Draconian Dream-
Dieche 12-inch Single  Illuminated  (1984)
**Bauhaus  -Dela Lugosi's Dead [Tomb Raider Mix]-
Best of Bauhaus Crackle Lp  Beggars Banquet  (2011; Orig. 1979)
**Der Plan  -Adrenalin Iasst das Blut Kochen- and -Geri Regi-
Geri Reig Lp  Medical  (2011; Orig. 1980)
**Jeunesse D'Ivoire  -Silent Imagery-
Milano New Wave Compilation Lp  Spittle  (2010; Org. '80-'83)
**Yangwelle  -Halberstadt-
Bunte Bezuge Compilation Lp  E-Klageto  (2007)
**Opus Finis  -Havoc Heap-
Wierd Compilation vol.I Lp  Wierd  (2006)
**2VM  -Let's Play-
Wierd Compilation vol.I Lp  Wierd  (2006)
**Nocturnal Emissions  -No Sacrifice (In Love and Revolution)-
Songs of Love and Revolution Lp  Sterile  (1985)

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