Friday, December 14, 2012

Both forms of pure delinquency - subbed show; 12/11/2012

Subbed for Mr. Mick Mucus of The Chicken Years this past Tuesday evening. Here’s what I played.

I misspoke during one of the airbreaks – something about Woollen Kits playing in Sacto next week. I was wrong about that – meant that the Woolen Men will be coming to Sacto and playing. All that is happening next Wednesday, December 19th at the Press Club; here’s some info on that.

Aired December 11th, 2012

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**Lamps -H.B.D.-
Under the Water Under the Ground Lp In the Red (2012)
**Weird Party -Cockroach Heart-
Hussy Lp Sex & Death (2012)
**Cheater Slicks -Feel Free-
Don’t Like You Lp In the Red (1995)
**Gun Club -Goodbye Johnny-
Fire of Love Lp Munster (orig. 1981)
**Guinea Worms -Monkey Casinos-
Smiles Lp Columbus Discount (2012)
**Killdozer -Seven Thunders-
Twelve Point Buck Lp Touch and Go (1989)
**Protomartyr -Too Many Jewels-
No Passion All Technique Lp Urinal Cake (2012)
**Skullflower -Grub Song-
Birthdeath 12-inch Ep Broken Flag (1988)
**Total Control -Sweaty-
Split 12-inch w/ Thee Oh Sees Castle Face (2011)
**Total Control -Scene from a Marriage-
7-inch Sub Pop (2012)
**Sex Church -Hidden Hand-
Somnambulist 12-inch Single Instant Pleasure/Psychic Handshake (2012)
**Unnatural Helpers -Devil is a Liar-
Land Grab Lp Hardly Art (2012)
**Blank Realm -Working on Love-
Go Easy Lp Siltbreeze (2012)
**Tyvek -City of Dreams-
On Triple Beams Lp In the Red (2012)
**Woollen Kits -Susannah-
Four Girls Lp R.I.P. Society/Trouble in Mind (2012)
**Trash -On and On with Lou Reed-
7-inch New World of Sound (1992)
**UV Race -Bad Egg-
Racism Lp In the Red (2012)
**Mad Scene -Lorelei-
Blip Lp Siltbreeze (2012)
**Fine Steps -Patti Smith Hearst-
Boy’s Co. Lp Song Records (2012)
**U.S. Girls -Rosemary-
Gem Lp Fat Cat (2012)
**Stacian -Eye-
Songs for Cadets- Moniker (2012)
**Brotman & Short -No Shock-
Heights Lp Cold Dick (2011)
**Merx -1000 Suitors-
S/T Lp Permanent (2012)
**Adn’ Ckrystall -Tom Tom Samba-
Jazz Mad Lp Dark Entries (orig. 1982)
**The Hypothetical Prophets -Fast Food-
Around the World with … Lp Symetric (1982)
**Gary Numan -Remind Me to Smile-
Telekon Lp Atco (1980)
**Tubeway Army -Listen to the Sirens-
S/T Lp Beggars Banquet (1979)
**U.S. Girls -Slim Baby-
Gem Lp Fact Cat (2012)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Don't know life at all - subbed show; 09/04/2012

Subbed the Mystery Surprise with DJ Rick last night. This show includes Call of the Wild doing an amazing riff rip of Devo’sGirl You Want’, a teaser track by the Lamps in anticipation of their upcoming 3rd full length release (OCTOBER 16!), Factorymen bringing you weird sampled Joni Mitchell covers?!?, an incredible minimal synth track by Brotman & Short (which is a serious contendor for minimal dance hit of 2012), and of course some babbling with the infamous Mr. Mick Mucus.


Aired September 4th, 2012

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**Call Of The Wild -The Call-
The Call 7-inch JKSHK
**Puffy Areolas -Not Tonight-
1982: Dishonerable Discharge Lp HoZac
**The Thing -Weirdo Riding-
Weirdo Riding 7-inch Noiseville (1991)
**Hoops -Staggard Start-
Seal In A Headlock 7-inch Chopped Liver
**Lamps -All Seeing Eye-
All Seeing Eye 7-inch Sweet Rot
**XYX -Teatro Negro-
Teatro Negro Lp Monofonus Press
**Factorymen -Blank Dream-
Shitman Lp Richie
**Merx -Historical Materialism-
Merx Lp Permanent
**Borghesia -Graffiti #2 (We Are Everywhere)-
Clones Lp Dark Entries (orig. on cassette in 1984)
**Brotman & Short -Bite Back-
Heights Lp Cold Dick
**Drinking Electricity -Discord Dance-
Overload + Singles dbl. LP Medical (orig. 1982)
**Play Dead -Pleasureland-
From the Promised Land Lp Clay (1984)
**Freur -Doot-Doot-
Doot-Doot 12-inch Ep Epic (1983)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Billy Crystal is the KING! - subbed show; 07/10/2012

Rick and I covered for Trot and Phil of FR(A)T Row last night. This gave us the opportunity to spin a few records of bands that are coming through this area in the next few days and who are appearing at the SS Fest II this upcoming weekend in SF. We also just got back from an amazing wonderful trip to Portland, so some buys from that trip also made an appearance on this program.

I’m really excited about SSII coming up this Friday and Saturday nights in SF. Played the new Spray Paint 7-inch to get folks pumped about it and the other shows Spray Paint is playing in this region during the next few days:
  • Appearing at the Press Club tonight in Sacramento with G.Green, Deep Time, Godspeed 209
  • Playing a live set tomorrow night during KDVS’ Live In Studio A
  • Trekking to SF Friday night for their SSII Fest show at the Hemlock Tavern
More information on these shows can be found on Sacto’s All of these shows are part of a larger summer tour Spray Paint has going on - Info on the rest of this tour can be found here.

Mr. Soriano has put together an excellent line up for the SS Fest II which includes appearances by The Lamps, Icky Boyfriends, Monoshock, and a few other incredible bands. More information on SSII can be found at the SS2 blogspot page (and on the flyer below).

My body is home, buy my mind is still on vacation in Portland – eating delicious food, drinking potent coffee, and not paying much attention at all to the time. So that does it for me right now. Enjoy the program.

Aired July 10, 2012

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**Lenz -Hourglass-
Under Neon 12-inch Ep Tic Tac Totally
**Cuffs -You Can Come True-
Private View 7-inch Ride the Snake
**Deep Time -Gold Rush-
S/T Hardly Art
**Psychic Feline -Vampires-
Blood Dolphin 7-inch
**Sad Horse -You Are Idiots-
Purple On Purple Makes Purple Lp Water Wing
**Constant Mongrel -B. Crystal-
Everything Goes Wrong Lp R.I.P. Society / 80/81
**Spray Paint -Spock Fingers-
Spock Fingers 7-inch SS Records
**Mordecai -Drag Down-
Drag Down 7-inch Wantage USA
**Repulse -Sweeties-
Habershon Ways 7-inch Cameleon (orig. 1982)
**Tronics -Love Backed By Force-
Love Backed By Force Lp What’s Your Rupture? (orig. 1982)
**Brian Crook -Living Death-
Bathysphere Lp Meds
**Flipper -End the Game-
Live at Target Lp Compilation Subterranean (1982)
**Factrix -Ballad of the Grim Rider-
Scheintot Lp Superior Viaduct (orig. 1981)
**Ghedalia Tazartes -Rein Qu’au Soleil-
Diasporas Lp Dais (orig. 1979)
**Front 242 -U-Men-
Geography New Dance (1982)
**Monoshock -Striking a Match in the Year 4007-
Runnin’ Ape-like from the Backwards Superman: 1989-1995 SS Records (2004; orig. 1994)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Everything she did offended someone... - subbed show; 06/21/2012

This just may be my first successful themed show, which is fitting considering I was subbing KDVS' "Calling All Girls!" - a program dedicated to bringing listeners a mix of new and old songs featuring female vox.  I must admit, I wanted to stray from the theme, but thanks to DJ Rick, we stayed on point.

Fun mix of new/old/poppy/post-punky/weirdo lady tunes. This is going to be a great show to have handy for the upcoming summer road trips we have planned.

Knock Knock will be appearing at the Towne House tonight in Sacramento with Manatee (Slumberland dude's band), English Singles, and Lorelei. More information on this show can be found at Sacto's undietacos site.

Aired June 21, 2012

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**Go Genre Everything -Everyday Robots-
Domestic Dreams and Robots 7-inch Vacant Valley (upcoming)
**Stag -Goin’ Out-
Get Used To It 7-inch Disembraining
**Visible Targets -Mechanical Man-
S/T 12-inch Ep Park Avenue (1982)
**Grass Widow -Disappearing Industries-
Internal Logic HLR
**Trophy Wife -Stella, My Star-
7-inch Private Leisure Industries
**Drum Bunny -Rhapsody in Purple-
Trap Sampler Lp Compilation Trap (1981)
**April March and The Makers -Try to Cry-
April March Sings Along with The Makers Lp  Sympathy for the Record Industry (1996)
**The Underachievers -I’ll Be There For You-
Nobody Gets On The Guest-List Lp Compilation  Throbbing Lobster (1984)
**Buzz and the Gang -Hearts Waiting-
Claws! Lp Compilation  Throbbing Lobster (1985)
**Knock Knock -We Will Raise Your Child-
We Will Raise Your Child Lp Sacramento
**The Aisler’s Set -Through the Swells-
How We Learned to Write Backwards Suicide Squeeze (2002)
**U.S. Girls -The Island Song-
7-inch Calico Corp.
**Unrest -Light Command-
Perfect Teeth Teenbeat/4AD (1993)
**Christmas -100 Million Flowers-
Bands That Could Be God Lp Compilation Conflict (1984)
**The Fall -Hotel Bloedel-
Perverted By Language Lp Rough Trade (1983)
**The Intelligence -Little Town Flirt-
Everybody’s Got it Easy But Me Lp In the Red (Del Shannon cover)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Let's just wait and see ... - subbed show w/ DJ Rick; 06/19/2012

A month or so back I received a package in the mail addressed from Melbourne, Austrailia. Had never heard of the sender before and was curious how the sender got my P.O. Box # (only folks that I've bought records from or traded records with have that info). In the package was a CDR entitled Vacant Valley Sampler #1, April 2012. Gave it a whirl in my player and was very pleasantly surprised by what I heard - three tracks, all different, all great. We started off this show with the first track, the band Psy Ants (pronounced like 'Science' I believe). Vacant Valley is releasing a few of this bands tracks (including the one played here) on an upcoming 12-inch entitled "Bit Tongue Prik". Can't wait till its out - definitely looking forward to hearing more of this bands songs. I like the song "Spike" so much that it is a shoe in as one of my picks of the week (eventhough it is not officially out yet).

Still a mystery how this got to me - can't remember whether it was addressed with attn to Malt Duck or my DJ name. Did I trade with someone? Did I give my address out via email request? I think the scariest thing is that my memory is vague - its entiry possible I did get an email and responded with an address. Or maybe the Vacant Valley CEO is buds with Albert's Basement (a store out of Victoria, Austrailia that I have done deals with in the past). All possible. 

My reissue pick of the week has to be the Stephan Eicher "Spielt Noise Boys" Lp. Stephan is the brother Martin Eicher of Grauzone. I think Stephan may have actually contributed to the legendary Eisbar recording (not 100% sure on this). If you want to know more about Stephan Eicher, get this record. It includes a plethera of information in the liner notes. 

I have to give a honorable mention to The Limit reissue. Just happened across it in the KDVS new releases section. Super fun powerpop out of New Orleans circa 1982. Speaks to that teeage girl in all of us who likes dancing around her room in her underwear, singing into a hairbrush .... or is that just me? TMI

Aired June 19, 2012
Stream till next week

**Psy Ants -Spike-
Bit Tongue Prik 12-inch Vacant Valley (upcoming!)
**Unsane -Jungle Music-
7-inch PCP Productions (1991)
**Druid Perfume -Scissors Crossin A River-
S/T Lp Urinal Cake
**Pop. 1280 -Thirteen Steps-
7-inch Blind Prophet
**Lou Champagne System -Machine Muzik-
No Visible Means Lp Medical (orig. 1983)
**Nagamatzu -Carmine-
Sacred Islands of the Mad Lp Dark Entries (2010; orig. 1986)
**Stephan Eicher -Noise Boys-
Spielt Noise Boys Lp Born Bad (orig. 1980)
**Crash Normal -Electric Eye-
Your Body Got A Land Lp Kill Shaman
**The Lamps -Poolfish-
S/T Lp In The Red (2007)
**The Intelligence -Sunny Backyard-
Everbody’s Got It Easy But Me Lp In The Red
**Nice Face -Killing Time-
Horizon Fires Lp HoZac
**The Spits -Schwarz Fahren-
Erste Deutsche Original Aufnahme! 12-inch Ep Red Lounge
**Useless Eaters -The Move-
7-inch Jolly Dream
**Billy Synth and the Turnups -I Wanna Be Your Dog-
Off the Dead End Lp Cracked (1980; Stooges cover)
**The Normals -Yankee Dollar-
So Bad So Sad Lp Last Laugh (orig. 1979)
**The Limit -Uh Oh-
The Limit Lp Cheap Rewards (orig. 1982)
**Intra -Night of the Thunder Bees-
Chemical 12-inch Ep Boulevard (1984)
**Cozy -Cola Shock Kids-
7-inch HoZac

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No Need to Fear! - subbed show w/ DJ Rick; 05/29/2012

Week two subbing for Trotsky and Phil of The Stompin' Bootboys. They better be careful or else DJ Rick and I are going to get use to this slot...

For this week, two reissues stuck out to me in particular; the Ugly Pop's Arson 7-inch and the Kick's 7-inch on 540 Music. Great stuff! Also really dig the new Teledente 666 7-inch on Sweet Rot which involves frenchie Seb Normal of the band Crash Normal.  Picked up the Artifecal 7-inch about a month ago and this was my first chance to fit it into a set. Surprisingly diverse - 'It's Not Too Late' would make for excellent late afternoon desert driving music. 

Not sure when we'll be back on the air again. The programming quarter is coming to an end soon, which may mean more subbing opportunities. We'll see.

Aired May 29, 2012
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**The Smuts -Shock Theropy-
7-inch  Sack ‘O Shit  (2000)
**Arson -Coho Coho-
Coho Coho 7-inch  Ugly Pop  (orig. 1979)
**Hooded Hags -Exxon Baby-
Graveyard 7-inch  Stank House
**Psychic Feline -White Walls-
White Walls 7-inch  Water Wing
**Bored! -Over the Edge-
People Say … 7-inch Dog Meat  (1991; Wipers cover)
**Dead Moon -54/40 or Fight-
Unknown Passage Lp  Mississippi  (orig. 1989)
**Dictators -Stay-
Bloodbrothers Lp  Asylum  (1978)
**Cheap Time -Another Time-
Wallpaper Music Lp  In The Red
**Kicks -The Return of the Action Men-
The Secret 7-inch  540 Music  (orig. 1981)
**TV Ghost -Phastasm-
Phantasm 7-inch  Sweet Rot
**Teledetente 666 -Panne Sexe-
Les Rats 7-inch  Sweet Rot
**Artifecal -Fly High // It’s Not Too Late-
I Sell My Blood 7-inch Ep  Hex Grammofoonplaten  (2011)
**Police des Moeurs -Um Monde Sans Evasion Possible-
N’en Parlons Plus 7-inch  F.K.K. – Musik
**Half A Twin -Streuner-
Fly! 7-inch  F.K.K. – Musik  (2011)
**Stephen Mallinder -Length of Time-
Pow Wow Plus Lp  Doublevisions  (1985)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EAT Y'SELF FITTER - subbed show w/ DJ Rick; 05/22/2012

DJ Rick & I decided to pick up a shift last night at KDVS. For me this is one of the few occasions where I have attempted to co-host with someone. Please excuse the goofy laughs (mine!) – I get giggly when I’m in the studio with someone else.

Reissues ruled this show for me; the spot of my favorite record of the week is split between Crypt’s reissue of the Psycho Surgeons Horizontal Action 7-inch and Sacred Bones/Mannequin’s joint reissue of U.V. Pop’s No Songs Tomorrow Lp. Both are great records and worth picking up.

The Fall’s Perverted by Language album has been a rather frequent road trip companion of ours over the past few weeks – so we thought it would be fitting to throw it in the mix. Rick has some fun doing some melody comparison during that set. 

Aired May 22, 2012

Stream till next week

**Mad Scene -Nasty Girl-
Blip Lp  Siltbreeze
**Chook Race -Pop Song-
Medicine 7-inch  Gotta Grove
**Dick Diver -Head Back-
New Start Again CD  Chapter Music
**Son Skull -Stripped Screw/Dan's Dream-
Wiped Clean 12-inch Ep  Perennial
**Folded Shirt -Smell You Later-
S/T Lp  Fashionable Idiots
**Deride -Fuck Taste-
7-inch Ep  Kangaroo (1999)
**Culture Kids -Isolated-
S/T Lp  Make A Mess
**Psycho Surgeons -Horizontal Action-
7-inch  Crypt  (orig. 1978)
**Uzi Rash -Controlled Filth-
I Was 30 In 2012 Lp  Volar
**The Fall -Eat Y’self Fitter-
Perverted By Language Lp  Rough Trade  (1983)
**Captian Beefheart -Ashtray Heart-
Doc At The Radar Station Lp  Virgin  (1980)
**Radiopuhleimet -Jaameri-
Jaameri Lp  Spirit  (1992)
**Sky Needle -Raft Werk-
Rave Cave Lp  Negative Guest List
**Dan Melchior -Strange Antennae-
Ghost In The Supermarket 12-inch Ep  Moniker
**U.V. Pop -No Commitment-
No Songs Tomorrow Lp  Sacred Bones/Mannequin  (orig. 1983)
**Cabaret Voltaire -Seconds Too Late-
7-inch  Rough Trade  (1981)