Friday, January 20, 2012

These are not the last days - FPS; 01/19/2012

This program focuses on my top picks for albums and singles from 2011. The exception to this was the track off the brand new Woollen Kits Lp. This Aussie band will be playing live on KDVS and in Sacto in about a week and a half. More details on both of these performances will be appearing on the KDVS Blog during the upcoming week. Till then, check out for info.

Will be posting in the next day or two my top Lp and singles lists for 2011.

Fav of the Week ////
Woollen Kits Lp … Prime tracks on this for a Valentine’s Day mixtape.
Aired January 19th, 2012

Stream till next week

**Woollen Kits -Sloan-
S/T Lp R.I.P Society (2012)
**Wax Idols -William Says-
7-inch HoZac (2011)
**Lenz -Leaving (the 21st Century)-
7-inch SS Records (2011)
**Total Control -Love Performance-
Hedge Beat Lp Iron Lung (2011)
**Soft Kill -Sea of Doubt-
An Open Door Lp Fast Weapons (2011)
**Far Out Fangtooth -Hate-
Pure & Disinterested- Siltbreeze (2011)
**Kitchen’s Floor -Twenty-Four-
Look Forward to Nothing Lp Siltbreeze (2011)
**Sex Church -Dull Light-
Growing Over Lp Load (2011)
**Michael Yonkers with the Blind Shake -So Be-
Period Lp SS Records (2011)
**Acid Baby Jesus -Tomboy-
S/T Lp Slovenly (2011)
**Wounded Lion -Going into the Unknown-
IVXLCDM Lp In the Red (2011)
**Deaf Wish -Freeze the Sound-
S/T Lp Radio Records Melbourne (2011; recorded 2007)
**UV Race -Always Late-
Home Lp In the Red (2011)
**Nothing People -Sin Sin-
Smells Like Metal Lp Captcha Records (2011)
**Tunnels -Solidspace-
The Blackout Lp Thrill Jockey (2011)
**Black Bug -Police Helicopter-
7-inch HoZac (2011)
**WE -We Will Always Love You-
S/T 10-inch Pil and Galia Kollectiv (2011)

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