Friday, August 27, 2010

L/D --- 08/26/2010

Aired August 26th, 2010

Started off with the Australian group, Super Wild Horses, which will be appearing at KDVS' Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom 10, scheduled for October 2nd. More information can be found at Also aired a few tracks from a new compilation called Stuff Vol. 1, out on Modern Compost Art.

Great shows happening in Sacramento this week ..... one in particular features UV Race & Total Control (also from Australia) .... happening at the HUB (around S & 23rd Streets) in Sacramento - Tuesday, August 31st @ 8:30pm. Got a Total Control track towards the end of this program for your pleasure!

This show went into the next hour by about 20 to catch the last few tracks:

**Super Wild Horses   -Love-   Fifteen LP  HoZac Records   (2010)
**Brian Wilson Shock Treatment   -C'mon!-   Druid Time Album   Lords Poe/Slutfish Records   (2010)
**San Francisco Water Cooler   -Reverie-   II LP   Sun Sneeze Records   (2010)
**Grass Widow   -Uncertain Memory-   Past Time Album   Kill Rock Stars Records   (2010)
**Yellow Fever   -Cats and Rats-   Live from ORMF 8   (2009)
**Effi Briest   -Long Shadow-   Rhizomes LP    Sacred Bones Records   (2010; Recorded 2009)
**Agent Ribbons   -I'm All Right-   Stuffs Vol. 1 LP Compilation   Compost Modern Art Records   (2010)
**Moon Duo   -Motorcycle, I Love You-   Escape EP   Woodsist Records   (2010)
**Bipolar Bear   -Benjamin-    Stuffs Vol. 1 LP Compilation   Compost Modern Art Records   (2010)
**The Aborted   -Smoking Clean and Tender Hearts-   TBC.ABCD6 Album    Brain of the Jim Records   (2004)
**Xeno and Oaklander   -Blue Flower-   Vigils Album   Wierd Records   (Recorded 2006)
**Total Control   -Paranoid Video-   7-inch   SmartGuy Records   (2010)
**Neon Judgement   -Harem-   Early Tapes LP   Dark Entries Records   (2010; Orig. 1981 - 1982)
**Me Con   -Untitled-   This Is It Demo   (2005)

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