Monday, September 13, 2010

L/D --- 09/09/2010

Couple of Sacramento shows coming up this week that are definitely worth mentioning ....

TONIGHT (09/13/2010)
Tyvek will be appearing with locals Buk Buk Bigups, Produce Produce, and The Violet Green at the HUB (near the corner of R and 23rd Streets in Sacramento).

TOMORROW NIGHT (09/14/2010)
Mattress, Zig Zags, Hari Kari and Hooded will be appearing at the HUB.

THURSDAY NIGHT (09/16/2010)
Sandwitches and Touchez will be appearing with Sacramento's Fine Steps at the HUB.

More information can be found at:

Aired September 9th, 2010

**The Bitters "Trapper"  
Have a Nap Hotel 12-inch EP  Sacred Bones  (2010)
**The Moles "What's The New Mary Jane"   
Untune the Sky dbl.LP  Kill Shaman  (Orig. 1991)
**Archers of Loaf "Don't Believe the Good News"   
Speed of Cattle Album  Alias Records  (1996)
**Heater "Amor Es Mi Vida"   
God and Hair LP  Permanent  (2010)
**Exiles From Clowntown "Mania"   
A Range of Greatdividing LP Compilation  Unwucht  (Orig. 2009)
**Sex Church "The Floor"   
6 Songs LP  Convulsive  (2010)
**Banque Allemande "the Baumarkt nation"   
Eins, Zwei LP  S-S  (2010)
**Mayyors "Deads"   
Deads 12-inch EP  Hurling Man Records  (2009)
**Puffy Areolas "Puking in Piss"  
In the Army 1981 LP  Siltbreeze  (2010)
**Amen Dunes "Ruined Girlies"   
Murder Dull Mind 12-inch EP  Sacred Bones  (2010)

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