Thursday, September 30, 2010

L/D --- 09/30/2010

A lesson in researching ahead of time and not getting to distracted while in the studio....though its hard to refuse chatting up a charming fellow on the tele RE: Ozzie...that band is incredible! So please excuse the technical difficulties. As for corrections:

--Death Domain track not a reissue of '80s stuff; new stuff!! Check the link below to Dark Entries for more information on Death Domain.

--Got the BeNe GeSSeRiT track confused with another entitled Little Lady off of the Fashion is a Dirty Word all references to a track off an Lp that the station use to have is not to this paritcular track....also included the correct original release date for Mickey, Please

Pick of the week: Hard to choose...some many jams in this, I'll go with Elton Motello's Pocket Calculator

Aired September 30th, 2010 

**Sex Church  -209-
7-inch  HoZac Records  (2010)
**Mount Carmel  -ZZ Breakers-
Self-Titled Lp  Siltbreeze Records  (2010)
**The Move  -Looking On-
Looking On Lp  Capital Records  (1970)
**Brian Eno  -Baby's On Fire-
Here Come The Warm Jets Lp  Polydor Records  (1973)
**Ozzie  -Android Love-
The Parabolic Rock: 1975-1982 dbl.Lp  SS Records  (2010; Orig. 1977)
**Adam and the Ants  -Digital Tenderness-
Dirk Wears White Sox Lp  Do It Records  (1979)
**Elton Motello  -Pocket Calculator- 
Pop Art Lp  Passport Records  (1980)
**Psyclones  -Gift of Noise-
Self-Titled Lp  Subterranean Records  (1985)
**Death Domain -Ethidium Bromide-
7-inch  Dark Entries  (2010)
**Mac Blackout  -Sometimes-
Don't Let Your Love Die  Sacred Bones 2010
**Total Control  -Real Estate-
7-inch  Smart Guy Records  (2010)
**The Dictaphone  -Drug Punk-
Self-Titled Lp  Kill Shaman Records  (2010)
**Mothmen  -Tardis (sweep is dead, long live sweep)-
Pay Attention! Lp  On-U Records  (1981)
**BeNe GeSSeRiT  -Mickey, Please...-
The Lost Tapes Lp Compilation  Minimal Wave Records  (2006; Orig. 1985)

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