Friday, October 15, 2010

L/D --- 10/13/2010

DJ Rick of Art for Spastics covered for me last week ... check out his set here.

I must give thanks this week to Dark Entries for making the Synthetic Romance compilation available on his blog. Also, bloggster Fantasmi Macchina for making a bunch of Tools You Can Trust albums available.

Pick of the week: The Truth's "System Thinking" 
Aired October 13th, 2010

**The Truth  -System Thinking- 
Synthetic Romance Lp Compilation  Ebony Records  (1982)
**Transparent Illusion  -Killing Time-  
Still Human Lp  Vex Records  (1981)
**Wet Taxis  -The Worm has Turned- 
Taxidermy Cass.  Terse Tapes  (1980)
**AIDS Wolf  -Very Friendly [Weasel Walter Remix]-  
Very Friendly 12-inch Ep  Lovepump United  (2010)
**Tools You Can Trust  -Messy Body Thrust-  
Sharpen the Tools Lp  Red Energy Dynamo Records  (1986)
**Surgical Penis Klinik (SPK)  -Slogun- 
Meat Processing Section 7-inch  Industrial Records  (1980)
**Surplus Stock  -Dangerous Visions-  
7-inch  Outatune Records  (1982)
**SpizzEnergi:2  -Jungle Fever- 
7-inch  Rough Trade  (1982)
**Liggers  -Deathwish- 
Messthetics #106 Compilation  Hyped 2 Death Records  (2008)
**Those Attractive Magnets  -Fade into Silence- 
Synthetic Romance Lp Compilation  Ebony Records  (1982)
**Warning  -Electric Eyes- 
Electric Eyes Lp  Vertigo Records  (1983)
**Ich Bin  -Methanol- 
Obeis! Lp  Poutre Apparente  (2006)
**Liz Allbee  -Leisure Sport Overloads- 
Theseus vs. Album  Resipiscent Records  (2010)

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