Friday, October 22, 2010

L/D --- 10/21/2010

Excited about Nitzer Ebb coming to San Francisco on November 11th ... more information can be found at

This week I came across the Ministry video for 'Same Old Madness' - a track that I guess was slated for release in 1982, but the single never officially materialized. There was a video shot though, check it:

This song has since appeared on the So I'm a Cult Hero compilation that came out back in 1989 on Living Legend.

Pick of the week: Kiem's "Clear It Up" 

Aired October 21st, 2010

**Death Domain  -Programmed Cell Death- 
Ethidium Bromide 7-inch  Dark Entries  (2009)
**Ministry  -Same Old Madness- 
**Claustrofobia  -Sombras on la Alcoba- 
Arrebeto 12-inch MiniLp  Wilde Records  (1984)
**Nitzer Ebb  -So Bright So Strong- 
Warsaw Ghetto 12-inch Single  Power of Voice Communications  (1985)
**Kiem  -Clear It Up-  
Keam Lp  Plexus Holland  (1985)
**Tom and Marty Band  -Love, It's Mean- 
This Strange Little Cricket Cass. Compilation  YCLEPT  (1981)
**Model Citizens  -You Are What You Wear-  
S/T 12-inch Ep  Spy Records  (1979)
**Clay Alien  -Bad Dance- 
Through Glass Lp  Skippytoons, Inc.  (1986)
**Pink Section  -Wine World- 
S/T 12-inch Ep  Modern Records  (1980)
**W.A.T.  -Defreeze- 
Defreeze Lp  Plurex Records  (1983)
**Tools You Can Trust  -Binge and Purge/A Brutal Light- 
Again Again Again Lp  Red Energy Dynamo  (1986)
**Doxa Sinistra  -Large Expanded Halls- 
Conveyer Belt Lp  Enfant Terrible  (2008; recorded 84/85)
**Clara Mondshine  -Caesar in Camerun- 
Memorymetropolis Lp  Innovative Communications  (1982)

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