Thursday, November 4, 2010

L/D --- 11/04/2010

Wasn't able to make it in last week ... thanks to Boris and Natasha of USSR Radio Sputnik for holding down the fort. To check out what they played, click here.

Warm Climate and Grave Babies will be making an appearance in Sacramento tomorrow night at the Hub. Festivities should start up by 8:30/9pm. More information at

Pick of the week: Zola Jesus' "Poor Animal"

Aired November 4th, 2010

**Zola Jesus  -Poor Animal- 
Valusia 12-inch Ep  Sacred Bones  (2010)
**Colin Newman  -But I...- 
Commerical Suicide Lp  Crammed Discs  (1986)
**Nagamatzu  -Carmine- 
Sacred Islands of the Mad Lp  Dark Entries  (2010; Orig. 1986 on Cassette)
**Second Layer  -Definition of Honour- 
World of Rubber Lp  Cherry Red Records  (1981)
**Talk Normal  -In a Strangeland- 
Sugarland Lp  Rare Records  (2009)
**Warm Climate  -Saltwater Simplied- 
Camouflage on the River Wretched Cassette  Stunned Records  (2009)
**Grave Babies  -Skeletal Shades- 
Death Face Cassette  Skrot Up Records  (2009)
**Pesteg Dred  -Almost- 
Years of Struggle Against the Lies, the Stupidity and the Cowardice Lp  Dark Entries  (2010; Recorded 1981)
**Shop Assistants  -Safety Net- 
Safety Net 12-inch Single  53rd and 3rd Records  (1985)
**Chin Chin  -Stay With Me- 
Sound of the Westway Lp  Slumberland / Mississippi Records  (Orig. 1985)
**Christmas  -100 Million Flowers-
Bands That Could Be God Lp Compilation  Conflict Records  (1984)
**Michael Yonkers  -I Think- 
Split 7-inch with Little Claw  X! Records  (2007)
**The Rebel  -Keen Air for Chasseur John- 
The Race Against Time Hots Up Lp  Junior Aspirin Records  (2010)
**Savant  -The Shining Hour- 
The Neo-Realist (at Risk) Lp  Palace of Lights Records  (1983)
**Severed Heads  -Harold and Cindy Hospital- 
Come Visit the Big Bigot Lp  Nettwerk Records  (1986)

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