Friday, December 3, 2010

L/D --- 12/02/2010

Pick of the Week: Unit 4's 'Hidden Faces'

Aired December 2nd, 2010

**Tot  -Filthy Quality-
Head Over Ears Lp Compilation  Play Hard Records  (1987)
**Snowy Red  -Madman-
I'm A Cult Hero dbl.Lp Compilation  Living Legend Records  (1989; Orig. 1982)
**Signal Aout 42  -Pleasure and Crime [House Mix]-
Pleasure and Crime Remix 12-inch Single  LD Records  (1988)
**Stockholm Monsters  -Kan Kill! [Excerpt]-
How Corrupt is Rough Trade? 12-inch Single  Factory Records  (1985)
**Stockholm Monsters  -Life's Two-
Alma Mater LP  Factory Records  (1984)
**Unit 4  -Hidden Faces-
FM-BX Society Tape vol. 1 Lp Compilation  S.S. Records  (2010; Orig. 1981)
**X-Mal Deutschland  -Kalbermarsch-
Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig Lp Compilation  ZickZack Records  (1981)
**Polyphonic Size  -Mother's Little Helper-
Mother's Little Helper Lp  Enigma Records  (1982)
**Telex  -En Route-
Neurovision Lp  Sire Records  (1980)
**Brian Brain  -Unexpected Noises-
Unexpected Noises Lp  Secret Records  (1980)
**Straightjacketbazooka  -Printing Press Preacher-
LongPig Lp  White Records  (1986/87)
**Zola Jesus  -Run Me Out- 
Stridulum 12-inch EP  Sacred Bones Records  (2010)
**Kim Ki O  -Haylr Haylr Haylr Haylr Ha...-
Dans Lp  Enfant Terrible Productions  (2010)
**Elisa Waut  -Russia-
Lost Tapes Lp Compilation  Minimal Wave  (2006; Orig. 1984)

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