Wednesday, December 22, 2010

L/D --- 12/16/2010

Looking forward to hearing the Jeff and Jane Hudson reissue that's slated for release by Dark Entries / Captured Tracks in 2011. This news put me in the mood to spin some Jeff and Jane Hudson this evening. More information can be found at

Next week (12/23) I will be on for three hours instead of one, 8 - 11pm. Check it.

Pick of the Week: Blank Dog's "Languages" (a.k.a. "Another Language")


Aired December 16th, 2010

**End Of Your Garden  -Celebration- 
Split LP with  Dark Entries  (2010; Orig. 1981)
**Suicide  -Mari-
S/T Lp  Lust/Unlust  (1979)
**So Cow  -Shackleton- 
S/T Lp  Tic Tac Totally Records  (2009)
**Blank Dogs  -Languages- 
Land and Fixed Lp  Captured Tracks  (2010)
**Nagamatzu  -150 Murderous Passions-
Sacred Islands of the Mad Lp  Dark Entries  (2010; Orig. 1986)
**Isolation Ward  -Trackers of the Night-
FM-BX Society Tape vol.1 Lp Compilation  S-S Records  (2010; Orig. 1981)
**John Bender  -39A5 Something- 
I'm a Cult Hero dbl.Lp Compilation  Living Legends  (1989)
**Jeff and Jane Hudson  -Abadon- 
World Trade Lp  Lust/Unlust  (1981)
 **M Ax Noi Mach  -Hallowed Eyes- 
In the Shadows Lp  White Denium Records  (2010)
**Breather  -Maya- 
Loves and Disloves Lp  Sonic Incision  (1984)
**Severed Heads  -Mad Dad Mangles a Strad-
Bad Mood Guy Lp  Nettwerk Records  (1987)
**Richard Pinhas  -Iceland- 
So Young But So Cold: Underground French Music 1977-1983 Compilation  Tigersushi  (2004: Orig. 1979)

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