Thursday, January 20, 2011

L/D --- 01/06/2011

Pick of the Week: Circle Pit's 'Roll With The Punches'

Aired January 6th, 2011

**Meercaz  -Never Too Late to Learn-
7-inch  Sweet Rot  (2010)
**Cheap Time  -Too Late-
S/T album  In The Red Records  (2008)
**Circle Pit  -Roll With the Punches-
Sewercide 7-inch  Sweet Rot/R.I.P. Society  (2010)
**Adam and the Ants  -Press Darlings-
Goody Two Shoes 7-inch  CBS  (1980)
**Gary Glitter  -I Didn't Know I Loved You-
Glitter and Gold 10-inch  Bell Records  (1973)
**Brian Eno  -Needles in the Camel's Eye-
Here Come the Warm Jets Lp  Polydor  (1973)
**T. Rex  -Metal Guru-
The Slider Lp  Reprise  (1972)
**Victoria Vein and the Thunderpunks  -Rear Guard Action-
7-inch  Anopheles  (1999; Orig. 1974)
**Epileptics  -1970's Have Been Made In Hong Kong-
Fits and Starts Spilt w/ Flux of Pink Indians  Dr. Strange Records  (Orig. 1979)  ***Request***
**Art Lessing -Coming- and -Badly- 
Lectures dbl.Lp  KDVS Recordings  (2010)
**Deaf Wish  -Not By Myself-
Mercy Lp  Radio Records Melbourne  (2010)
**Suzanne Langille  -Turn Away-
Neel Murgai Lp  Family Vineyard  (2010)
**Dadamah  -Prove-
This is Not a Dream Lp  Majora  (1992)

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