Wednesday, January 26, 2011

L/D --- 01/13/2011

Pick of the Week: Tunnel's 'Dead Ringers'

The Tunnel's 'Blackout' demos are slated to come out soon on Troubleman Unlimited.

Aired January 13th, 2011


**Duchess of Saigon  -Zero Song-
S/T Lp  S-S Records (2011; Recorded 2005)
**Chin Chin  -Even If It's a Lie-
Sound of the Westway Lp  Slumberland / Mississippi  (2010; Orig. 1985)
**13th Chime  -Fire-
The Singles Lp  Sacred Bones  (2009; Orig. 1982)
**Tunnels  -Dead Ringers-
The Blackout demo (2009/10)
**Nagamatzu  -Watch and Waste-
Sacred Islands of the Mad Lp  Dark Entries  (2010; Orig. 1986)
**Cluster  -7:42-
Cluster 71 album  Bureau B  (2010; Orig. 1971)
**Fabulous Diamonds  -3-
Fabulous Diamonds II Lp  Siltbreeze  (2010)
**Naked on the Vague  -Making Enemies-
Split Lp w/ Wet Hair  Night People  (2010)
**The Whines  -It's Raining-
Hell to Play Lp  Meds  (2010)
**Michael Yonkers  -Lovely Gold-
Lovely Gold Lp  Galatic Zoo Disk / Drag City  (2010; Orig. 1977)
**Buk Buk Bigups  -Endless Itch-
S/T 12-inch EP  Weird Forest  (2010)
**Tools You Can Trust  -A Blaze of Shame-
Say It Low 12-inch Single  Red Energy Dynomo  (1986)

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