Monday, August 8, 2011

G.Green on Tour!!! NOW

G.Green is currently on a tour of the Southwest / Midland U.S. Check them out at: 

8/4 @ Sugar Mountain in Oakland, CA w/ Uzi Rash, Grass Widow, Broken Water
8/5 @ The Hemlock in SF, CA w/ La Corde, Waldo Astoria
8/6 @ DDR Kompound in LA, CA w/ Shark Toys, Double Negatives (ex-Red Kross) [AFTERNOON]
8/6 @ DBA 256 Wine Bar Lounge in LA, CA w/ Orca Team, Shark Toys [NIGHT]
8/7 @ Yellow Canary Dance Hall in Phoenix, AZ w/ Orca Team
8/8 @ the Trainyard in Las Cruces, NM w/ Far Corners, Orca Team
8/10 @ Beerland in Austin, TX w/ Air Traffic Controlers
8/11 @ House Show in Denton, TX w/ TBA
8/12 @ Replay Lounge in Lawrence, KS w/ Irkutsk, The Dactyls
8/13 @ OH-K Print Shop in Omaha, NE w/ Public Access
8/14 @ Astroland in Boulder, CO w/ Sauna, Knife Fight
8/15 @ The Compound in Provo, UT w/ Glowing Heads, 90's Television
8/16 @ Holland Project House in Reno, NV w/ TBA

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