Friday, September 2, 2011

L/D --- 08/25/2011

Picks of the Week: Kiem's 'Much and Loud' and Sympathy Nervous!!

Aired August 25th, 2011

**Units  -High Pressure-
Days 7-inch  (1979)
**Brian Brain  -I Get Pain-
Unexpected Noises Lp  Secret  (1980)
**Informatics  -Hungry Pets-
12-inch Single  Last Chance  (1985)
**Starter  -Plastic-
S/T Lp  Dark Entries  (2011; Orig. 1981)
**The Truth  -System Thinking-
Synthetic Romance Lp Compilation  Ebony  (1982)  
**Peter Catham  -But Meanwhile In Another Part of the World-
A Man's Mouth Lp  Permission  (1987)
**Tools You Can Trust  -Ghost w/ Hammer in its Hand/Flush Out the Motive-
Again, Again, Again Lp  Red Energy Dynamo  (1986)
**Heinz Schweisz  -Hunger-
Hunger and Liebe Cass.  Geil/Ungeil Tapes  (1985)
**Kiem  Much and Loud-
You Should Try Lp  Torso  (1987)
**impLOG  -Holland Tunnel Drive-
Holland Tunnel Drive 12-inch Single  Infidelity  (1980)  
**Sympathy Nervous  -Music of the S.N. Phase-
No More Expo Cass.  (198?)

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