Friday, September 23, 2011

I've waited ages - L/D; 09/22/2011

Pick of the Week: Fugus Brains & Kitchen's Floor!!!!!!

Aired September 22nd, 2011
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**Colin Newman  -I've Waited Ages-
A-Z Lp  Beggars Banquet  (1980)
**Wire  -Ex Lion Tames-
Pink Flag Album  Harvest  (1977)
**The Saints  -No, Your Product-
Eternally Yours Lp  Sire  (1978)
**Bloodloss  -The Mystery Spot-
Lost My Head for a Drink Lp  Dirty Knobby  (2011; Orig. recorded in 1996)
**Divorced  -They Don't Sleep Much-
Separation Anxiety Lp  Untapped Resources  (2011)
**Fungus Brains  -Hairbrush-
Ron Pistos Real World Lp  Load  (2011; Orig. 1983)
**Broken Water  -Stop Means Stop-
Peripheral Star 12-inch Ep  Perennial  (2011)
**Rank/Xerox  -Nausea-
S/T Lp  Make a Mess  (2011)
**Kitchen's Floor  -No Love-
Look Forward to Nothing Lp  Siltbreeze  (2011)
**Pink Reason  -Sixteen Years-
Shit in the Garden Lp  Siltbreeze  (2011)
**Heavy Chains  -Crying Demons-
A Very Real Hell 12-inch Ep  The Broadway to Boundary  (2011)
**Rubble  -Cigarette Rabbit-
The Farewell Drugs Lp  Latino Bugger Veil  (2011)
**Rat Columns  -Keep Waiting-
7-inch  Smart Guy  (2011)
**Tunnels  -Solidspace-
The Blackout Lp  Thrill Jockey  (2011)

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