Friday, December 14, 2012

Both forms of pure delinquency - subbed show; 12/11/2012

Subbed for Mr. Mick Mucus of The Chicken Years this past Tuesday evening. Here’s what I played.

I misspoke during one of the airbreaks – something about Woollen Kits playing in Sacto next week. I was wrong about that – meant that the Woolen Men will be coming to Sacto and playing. All that is happening next Wednesday, December 19th at the Press Club; here’s some info on that.

Aired December 11th, 2012

Stream till next week

**Lamps -H.B.D.-
Under the Water Under the Ground Lp In the Red (2012)
**Weird Party -Cockroach Heart-
Hussy Lp Sex & Death (2012)
**Cheater Slicks -Feel Free-
Don’t Like You Lp In the Red (1995)
**Gun Club -Goodbye Johnny-
Fire of Love Lp Munster (orig. 1981)
**Guinea Worms -Monkey Casinos-
Smiles Lp Columbus Discount (2012)
**Killdozer -Seven Thunders-
Twelve Point Buck Lp Touch and Go (1989)
**Protomartyr -Too Many Jewels-
No Passion All Technique Lp Urinal Cake (2012)
**Skullflower -Grub Song-
Birthdeath 12-inch Ep Broken Flag (1988)
**Total Control -Sweaty-
Split 12-inch w/ Thee Oh Sees Castle Face (2011)
**Total Control -Scene from a Marriage-
7-inch Sub Pop (2012)
**Sex Church -Hidden Hand-
Somnambulist 12-inch Single Instant Pleasure/Psychic Handshake (2012)
**Unnatural Helpers -Devil is a Liar-
Land Grab Lp Hardly Art (2012)
**Blank Realm -Working on Love-
Go Easy Lp Siltbreeze (2012)
**Tyvek -City of Dreams-
On Triple Beams Lp In the Red (2012)
**Woollen Kits -Susannah-
Four Girls Lp R.I.P. Society/Trouble in Mind (2012)
**Trash -On and On with Lou Reed-
7-inch New World of Sound (1992)
**UV Race -Bad Egg-
Racism Lp In the Red (2012)
**Mad Scene -Lorelei-
Blip Lp Siltbreeze (2012)
**Fine Steps -Patti Smith Hearst-
Boy’s Co. Lp Song Records (2012)
**U.S. Girls -Rosemary-
Gem Lp Fat Cat (2012)
**Stacian -Eye-
Songs for Cadets- Moniker (2012)
**Brotman & Short -No Shock-
Heights Lp Cold Dick (2011)
**Merx -1000 Suitors-
S/T Lp Permanent (2012)
**Adn’ Ckrystall -Tom Tom Samba-
Jazz Mad Lp Dark Entries (orig. 1982)
**The Hypothetical Prophets -Fast Food-
Around the World with … Lp Symetric (1982)
**Gary Numan -Remind Me to Smile-
Telekon Lp Atco (1980)
**Tubeway Army -Listen to the Sirens-
S/T Lp Beggars Banquet (1979)
**U.S. Girls -Slim Baby-
Gem Lp Fact Cat (2012)