Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Don't know life at all - subbed show; 09/04/2012

Subbed the Mystery Surprise with DJ Rick last night. This show includes Call of the Wild doing an amazing riff rip of Devo’sGirl You Want’, a teaser track by the Lamps in anticipation of their upcoming 3rd full length release (OCTOBER 16!), Factorymen bringing you weird sampled Joni Mitchell covers?!?, an incredible minimal synth track by Brotman & Short (which is a serious contendor for minimal dance hit of 2012), and of course some babbling with the infamous Mr. Mick Mucus.


Aired September 4th, 2012

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**Call Of The Wild -The Call-
The Call 7-inch JKSHK
**Puffy Areolas -Not Tonight-
1982: Dishonerable Discharge Lp HoZac
**The Thing -Weirdo Riding-
Weirdo Riding 7-inch Noiseville (1991)
**Hoops -Staggard Start-
Seal In A Headlock 7-inch Chopped Liver
**Lamps -All Seeing Eye-
All Seeing Eye 7-inch Sweet Rot
**XYX -Teatro Negro-
Teatro Negro Lp Monofonus Press
**Factorymen -Blank Dream-
Shitman Lp Richie
**Merx -Historical Materialism-
Merx Lp Permanent
**Borghesia -Graffiti #2 (We Are Everywhere)-
Clones Lp Dark Entries (orig. on cassette in 1984)
**Brotman & Short -Bite Back-
Heights Lp Cold Dick
**Drinking Electricity -Discord Dance-
Overload + Singles dbl. LP Medical (orig. 1982)
**Play Dead -Pleasureland-
From the Promised Land Lp Clay (1984)
**Freur -Doot-Doot-
Doot-Doot 12-inch Ep Epic (1983)

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