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L/D --- 10/01/09

Aired October 1st, 2009

**Michael Yonkers -Microminiature Love-
7-inch Single  Get Hip Archives Series  (1996; Orig. recorded 1968)Never heard this Yonker's track till I can't get enough. I have only heard one other thing by Mr. Yonkers - which was a cut off a split he had with Little Claw some time back...I need to dig and hear more by this glorious musician - maybe a specialty show to come. We'll see.
**Little Claw -Human Taste-
Human Taste Album  Ecstatic Peace/Not Not Fun Records  (2009)Nice new beats by the wonderfully enchanting Little Claw. Can't wait till they come back around these here parts...should be soon, think they are all residing in Portland, Or these days.
**Welfare State -Silence is Requested in the Ultimate Abyss-
John Peel Presents Lp Compilation  Top Gear BBC Records  (1969)
This record is one of my most recent Ebay acquisitions - AMAZING. I think every cut off of this is great - even the folksy stuff from Bridget St. John [I'm typically not swayed by the folksy]. Welfare State is related to White Noise in some fashion or another - probably the most apparent link being Vorhaus. Not sure who else in the White Noise realm was involved with Welfare State.
**Robert Wyatt –Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road-
Rock Bottom Lp  Virgin Records  (1974)
Kind of typical prog - till the switch up in the middle - then something quite mesmerizing and beautiful comes to the surface. Its not really even the lyrics - more just the combination of bag pipes, fiddle/violin/ and Ivor Culter's vocals.
** Delia Derbyshire/Brian Hodgson -John Peel’s Voice-
John Peel Presents Lp Compilation  Top Gear BBC Records  (1969)
More awesomeness from Ms. Delia and Mr. Brian of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
**Java Closing Theme -Vision ON-

Music from BBC Children's Programmes Lp  BBC Records  (1975)Funny little record I happened upon - Children's songs coupled with some odd ball synthesizer tracks.
**John Eaton -Band 3, The Return-
Microtonal Fantasy, Music of John Eaton Lp  Decca Records  (1968)The Return features Miciko Hirayama is on vocals. Reminded me of the vocal tracks laid by Catherine Berberian on the Voice of Catherine Berberian album that John Cage, Bussotti, and Berio were involved with.
** BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Dudley Simpson -The Worlds of Dr. Who-
Music from BBC Children's Programmes Lp  BBC Records  (1975)
**Glen Branca -Structure-
The Ascension Lp  99 Records  (1981)
**Ixna -Ixna Portal Exo-
7-inch  Single Dumb Records  (1981)A classic. Side A in Esperanto - I think side B is actually in a language made up by the band itself - at least that is what I remember reading on the sleeve. Either way - this b-cut is minimal, weird, spooky, just right!
**Pink Noise -Take the Last Train-
Graffiti Youth Lp  Kill Shaman Records  (2009)
**The Honeymoon Killers -LHeure de la Sorties-
Les Tueurs de la Lune Lp  Crammed Discs  (1981)For some reason I can't get enough of this Belgium band....whether it is the poppy styling’s of Ariane or their tracks like this odd fellow...
**Short Wave Mystery -The Nice Girl-
12-inch EP  Good Records  (1985)This band came from Modesto of all places, circa 1985, and was recommended to me by a fellow DJ, Ms. OKI. Very synthy..but quite good.
**John Foster -Western Man-
Life Elsewhere Lp Compilation  Mr. Brown Records and Tapes  (1980)
**Steve Fisk –Woodstock- 
Life Elsewhere LP Compilation  Mr. Brown Records and Tapes  (1980)These last two tracks come off of the Life Elsewhere compilation that was put out by Steve Fisk's label Mr. Brown.... I enjoy the creepy, loner-esk vibe of Western Man and all of the Fisk tracks are no brainers for synth-lovers.

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