Thursday, October 15, 2009

Notable Events + L/D --- 10/08/09

Notable Events of the Week ::::

Sonic Chicken 4 came through Sacramento and played live at the HUB. Fortunately they also had some time to visit KDVS and play live on the air during the Art for Spastics show, run by fellow DJ Rick…check out the performance at the Art for Spastics Blog.

The Intelligence were original slatted to play this show though unfortunately they got caught up in all that bullshit weather that was a happening throughout California that day. Sacramento got hit by a rather nasty storm for October – the call came in from Lars late in the day – Dust Storm in SoCal so heinous that folks were pulling off the Interstate…oh well. I’m sure Sactites will have another chance to catch them soon.

To fill in, locals Vichy Water jumped on the bill. Got that Mayyor’s drummer dude Jules on vocs & guitar…whole band played tons better than the last time I saw them. I am interested to see what their future might hold…very promising.

Also a brand new Sacramento band started things off – unfortunately I don’t remember their name…it features Chad S. of Weird Forest Records, Davey B. from Antennas Erupt (SS Release #014), Boron from The Sores and ex-KDVS DJ fame, and another fellow whom I have never met but has been in some Sacto bands – hopefully in the future I can fill that gap in better. I totally dug this band. Weird, strange, awesome - can’t wait to catch them again.

Now to the radio show….Aired Thursday October 8th, 10-11PM

**Low Red Center -Olive Shaped- S/T 10-inch S-S Records (New)
I’m in love with this Austin, female fronted group - definite throwback to 1980-esk Euro New Wave junk, yet done just right. I can’t wait to see more from them in the future.
**Man Ray Band -I Feel So Bad- Fix Planet! LP Compilation Atatak Records (1980)
One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite compilations – comp is a must hear for lovers of early industrial and weird punk infused new wave.
**Richard H. Kirk -The Greedy Eye- The High Fictions 2xLP Double Vision (1983)
First time listening to Kirk and I like it much. I dig Cabaret Voltaire, so this was an obvious like for me. Dark, strange, and minimal.
**Crash Normal -Je Saigne- Heavy Listening LP S-S Records (2004)
This is still one of my favorite releases by both S-S & Crash Normal.
**Cheveu -Sache- Cheveau LP Permanent Records (New)
I like this new release by France’s Cheveu – I don’t think though that I have heard any other records released by this label. Need to research to see what else Permanent has been up to.
**Instant Automatons -Armchair Politics- Another Wasted Sunday Afternoon CD Retrospective Hyped 2 Death Records (2007)
The songs on this album were for the most part originally released on cassette throughout the late ‘70s / early ‘80s. Album also includes some previously unreleased material. One of my favorite Messthetics bands!

**The Cultural Decay -End of the Corridor- Eight Ways to Start a Day LP/EP Sacred Bones Records (New)
Everyone kept telling me I was going to like this – though I still stayed clear from checking it out. Sometimes I do that cause folks talk stuff up, then I end up not liking it – kind of a let down. Well, they were right. I like this, a lot. The material on this record was originally recorded and released sometime between 80 & 82. Keep it up SB.
**The Rebel -Syngenta- Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable LP Sacred Bones Records (2008)
This came out last year, though KDVS just got a huge Sacred Bones promo package in the mail (THANKS!!) - great stuff by Ben Wallers. NOTE: This song was restarted due to technical error AKA Jackass slamming the door in the studio, causing the record to skip.
**Dan Melchior und Das Menace -Smut!- Obscured by Fuzz LP Topplers Records (New)

How do you do it Mr. Melchior? - great release after great release. To me “Smut!” is the epitome of Melchior und Das Menace – dramatic, fuzzed out, almost nasty sounding, but produced just right - fucking fantastic.
**The Mantels -Burden- S/T LP Siltbreeze Records (New)
I’m digging this new release by Siltbreeze. I have to say that the first time I saw this band I wasn’t horribly impressed – I was converted though this year at Goner Fest.
**Children’s Hospital -Exodus Return- Along Together LP Sacred Bones Records (2008)
Yet ANOTHER great record out on SB – can I just end with every record on Sacred Bones is great!? Children’s Hospital is an interesting collaboration between one of the A-Frames dudes and his wife. I like this a lot. I hope they get a chance to tour the West Coast in the future.

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