Monday, October 19, 2009

L/D --- 10/15/09

Good show happening in Sacramento tomorrow night featuring hometown favorites GGreen and some guests from out of town, including Cheap Time all the way from England & Slippery Slopes hailing from Florida. Its going down at The Hub – check out for more information.

If you haven’t heard the likes of Cheap Time and/or Slippery Slopes already, they are scheduled for some KDVS airtime during Art For Spastics this week.

This weekend is the infamous Budget Rock Festival, being held in San Francisco this year. I think everything might already be sold out, but check here just in case. Might chat a little about this fest next week. We’ll see……

Aired October 15th, 10-11PM.

**Meat Whiplash -Don’t Slip Up- I Love the Smell of Napalm LP Compilation Creation Records (1986)
This band is most likely lumped together with that whole ‘C86’ brand of music - I could never really catch onto too many of those Brit bands besides early Jesus & Mary Chain. This song is great though – love the fuzz on the guitar. Also dig the break where everything falls out except for the bass – then with those drums joining back into the mix first – really perfect.
**Psychic TV -Baby’s Gone Away- Gunfire & Pianos LP Compilation Situation Two Records (1986)
Weird little poppy number by this famous experimental industrial band. Came across while skimming this compilation and was quite surprised when the track listing revealed this to be Psychic TV. Silly, definitely straight forward for a band like Psychic TV, but still enjoyable in its own way. I dig that funny little ‘what instrument is that?!?’ solo in the middle that is accompanied by some faint female vocals [think the instrument is some sort of synth, but not quite sure – could even be a violin? like an orchestra of them….maybe].
**Kaa Antilope -Burning Ashes- VPRO RadioNome, April 2 1981 LP Enfant Terrible Records (2009)
Enfant Terrible is quite possibly one of my all time favorite record labels. It’s compilations are always stellar listening. This record, what I believe was recorded at a radio station in ’82 [mainly supposing this from the title of the record itself] is pretty incredible – full of splendid minimal electronic songs that I can’t quite get enough of. This track in particular makes me want to freshen up on my German quite a bit.
**John Maus -Do Your Best- Love is Real Album (New)
I came across this song sometime ago but I wasn’t sure what to think of it. I liked it, but should I like it? Yes. It’s good. I guess some folks have given stuff like this odd names such as ‘glow wave’ [or is it glo-wave] – silly all these genres/subgenres. The entire record minus this track reminded me of the likes of Ariel Pink and some of the early, more lo fi Quinton records. Good times in the city…
**Pink Industry -Don’t Let Go- Fort-Five 12-inch EP Zulu Records (1982)
I’ve played this song quite a bit over the years. I’m sure this record is a tough one to find. This specific song did find it’s way onto a compilation that came out a few years back – North By North West on Korova Records for those interested.
**Tubeway Army -Jo The Waiter- First Album LP Beggars Banquet (1979)
I can’t get this little Numan track out of my damn head. I love the lyrics and Numan’s voice is, frankly, quite dreamy. So what if he sounds like a robot? I dig! And, I must confess – I cried.
**Agent Side Grinder -Eyes of the Old- Irish Recording Tape Album Enfant Terrible Records (New)
This is the first listen I’ve gotten of this band’s most recent release and I am liking it. Is it just me, or does the first song seem to start off where the last track on the first album ended? I will have to investigate this over the next few weeks to be sure. This song is definitely a throwback to some great mid-‘80s music – made me think a little of The Wolfgang Press (GOOD Wolfgang Press).
**Hero Wouters -Hotel- Muziek voor Leven en Dood LP Enfant Terrible Records (2007)
Nice little eerie and rhythmic record. Good to chill and relax to.
**Very Things -The Hole- Gunfire & Pianos LP Compilation Situation Two Records (1986)
Oddball off of that Gunfire & Pianos Compilation….got me in the mood for Halloween.
**Copernicus -Quasimodo- Nothing Exists LP Ski Records (1984)
The vocals on this are bizzaire, as is the case on every Copernicus record. What really caught me about this song was what was going on behind the vocals – the weird ass rhythmic shit. Love that kind of stuff.
**el-g -B2- Tout Ploie LP S-S Records (New)
Recently release by this French band on S-S Records. I liked the last release, but have a feeling I’m going to love this even more. Will play some more off of this during the weeks ahead.
**Accident du Travail -Ma391- S/T LP Bruit Direct Disques (New)
Interesting rhythms by this duet (I believe) – one of the Cheveu dudes and his lady, Julie Normal who composes herself and I think was in another awesome French band though I can’t remember which at the moment. Nice – unfortunately I played this at the wrong speed. Still sounded damn good though. Will re-aire at the right speed in an upcoming show.
**Moon Duo -Ripples- Killing Time 12-inch EP Sacred Bones Records (New)
Nice kraut-esk tunes on the Sacred Bones label. A little unexpected for this label, but really good.
**If, Bwana -Beauty and the Beast- Dry Lungs II LP Compilation Placebo Records (1986)
Wow – this was totally a last minute, ‘what am I going to throw on next’ sort of track but I love it! I knew that I wasn’t going wrong by pulling some Dry Lungs comps. Reminds me a bit of some cuts by Severed Head off of the ‘Clifford, Darling’ 2xLp. Nice ending!

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  1. thanks for playing the accident du travail at any speed (most people begin with 33 it seems)

  2. you are right about the Agent Side Grinder starting with the loop that was the end of the first LP... :)

  3. thanks for your comments on my label and the Kaa Antilope! Kaa Antilope was a Belgium band... they never sung in German :)

    Please also check the liner notes on the back... it explains where this session comes from. It is indeed a live radio session from a legendary Dutch radio program. You can also check my website for some more information.

    This record is part of a series in which I also released Luc Van Acker and the next two releases are in preparation for early 2010.

    Greetings + thanks for the support!

  4. I've heard and like the Luc Van Acker as well! Is all of the material in this series radio sessions from the Dutch program that you mentioned?

    Got a new post with more EF mentions...I like the material you put out quite a bit!

    I guess 3 years of German in High School did not pay off.