Thursday, November 12, 2009

L/D --- 10/29/09

Came down with a nasty cold the night of the 29th – luckily DJ Rick of Art For Spastics was able to cover my slot. Below is what he threw down.

Aired October 29th, 10-11PM

**Girls at Dawn -Never Enough- Never Enough 7-inch HoZac Records (NEW)
**The Sandwitches -Thank You for Listening- How to Make Ambient Sadcake LP Turn Up Records (NEW)
**Avocados -I Never Knew- Messthetics #107 CD Compilation Hyped 2 Death Records (NEW; Orig. 1981)
**Occult Chemistry -Occult Chemistry- Messthetics #107 CD Compilation Hyped 2 Death Records (NEW; Orig. 1980)
**??? -A2- Mystery Cassette (NEW)
**Tyvek -Stand & Fight- S/T LP Siltbreeze Records (2009)
**Repressive Proteins -A1- Demo Cassette (NEW)
**Pygmy Shrews -Kill Yourself- Lord Got Busted 7-inch Fan Death Records (NEW)
**Pigeon Religion -Huge Bummer- Dead Boss 7-inch Gilgongo Records (NEW)
**Hot Guts -Abandon at Leisure- S/T 7-inch Suicide Tax/Badmaster Records (NEW)
**Realicide -Army Beta Test- Split 7-inch w/ Capital Hemorrhage Realicide Youth/Outfall Channel Records (NEW)
**James Fella -Luxurious Social Services- Four Sounds for Some People CDR Gilgongo Records (NEW)
**Inca Ore -Boogie Wiggles- Silver Sea Surfer School LP Not Not Fun (NEW)
**Wire -Vivid Riot of Red- Ahead 12-inch EP Enigma Records (1987)
**Roy Montgomery -Ill at Home- And Now the Rain Sounds Like Life Is Album Drunken Fish Records (1998)
**Puffy Areolas -Bowel Movement (It’s All About)- Lutzko Lives 7-inch Columbus Discount (NEW)

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