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L/D --- 10/22/09

Back from a bit of an absence. Below is where I left off. Will be playing catch-up the next few days….

Aired October 22nd, 10-11PM.

**Mayfair Set -Three for Me- Young One 12-inch EP Captured Tracks/Woodsist Records (2009)
Nice new EP by Mayfair Set. Dig the tracks, though I still like that very first single the best. The last song on side A is pretty much just a Blank Dogs song, though a decent one. Only two things bug me about this record: [1] the record arrived a little bit warped; with that said, this issue has arisen with a few other copies and Captured Tracks has offered to replace any bunk copies – I’m just too lazy to get it replaced & my copy isn’t unlistenable or anything like that, and [2] it’s a 12-inch EP instead of a full length album. The fad of 12-inch EPs is getting to me a little. What is this, 1984 - Just kidding! Eh, if the label is that into it and has the $$, why not….
**Dynasty -Animal- S/T Album Tigerbeat 6 Records (2003)Long gone Bay-Area all lady three piece – saw them play once at a Davis co-op…it was pretty awesome. It was the bands last show ever, and the singer dressed up like she had a bun in the oven. Said the drummer knocked-her up and that’s the reason the band was breaking up. At the time a lot of KDVS DJs were all into ‘Amy’s Song’ which is good, but deep down inside I like this one a bit better. It makes me think of unsprayed/unneutered cats having crazy sex all that time. Is that weird?
**Crack: We Are Rock -The Sabbath- Silent Fantasy 12-inch EP Kimosciotic Records (2003) Another defunct Bay-Area group. I think this band had the lady from Death Sentence: Panda in it and also that lady from Le Flange Du Mal – though that was rumor I heard…can’t confirm for certain at this time.
**Gary War -For Cobra- Horribles Parade/Galactic Citizens Albums Sacred Bones Records (New)More electronic weirdness from Mr. War. Album is a sweet deal considering that this CD version of Horribles Parade also contains another whole Gary War album released sometime early this or last year.
**D.O.M.E.S. –It’s Too Bad, Mother Dear- Found Objects LP Compilation Atmosphear Records (1985)This track features very strange subject matter & feme Operatic vocals – would be good to spin alongside some Klaus Nomi.
**Severed Heads -Dressed in Air- & -Rabbi Nardoo Flagoon- Bad Mood Guy LP Nettwerk Records (1987)
Oh, how I do adore Severed Heads. These two tracks are my favorites of the Bad Mood Guy LP.
**Gum -Sporadic Acts of Violence- Vinyl LP Self-Released (1987)Weird record I came across a few years back. Reminiscent of early Severed Heads, harnessing the power of tape loops.
**Konstruktivists -Francis Bacon- A Dissembly LP Flowmotion Records (1982)Great instrumental early industrial/experimental album. This band went on to put out some more stuff, but unfortunately I have never had the chance to check it out. This album is definitely a keeper though.
**Krysmopompas -Gesa- 7-inch Single Avant! Records (2009) Fairly new record by this German band (I think). I like this song better than most of the other tracks I’ve heard from this band...I think its cause it reminds me of something that would have been on an early AtaTak Compilation.
**Movie Star Junkies -Whistling- Junkyears; Rarities & Farm Recordings LP Avant! Records (2009; Recorded 2005-2007)Also new from Avant!. Don’t know much about this band, but the record is pretty good.

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