Friday, November 13, 2009

L/D ---11/05/09

Aired November 5th, 10-11PM

**Ganglians -Blood on the Sand- 7-inch Single Captured Tracks Records (2009)
New little diddy by this Sacramento favorite.
**Nothing People -Omega Man- Anonymous LP S-S Records (2008)
I think that Nothing People is definitely one of the best bands around today. This number is from their first full length release and since then they have had another, equally awesome full length on S-S records which came out earlier this year.
**Michael Stasis -Come with Me- & -Bugle Boy- S/T Cassette #1 Self-Released (2009)
My favorite of the two of these is the later – short and misleadingly sweet till you get to the chorus. Can’t wait for some label to start courting Mr. Stasis – hope to see some of this stuff on vinyl at some point. Mainly because I’ve played the cassette so much that it is starting to wear out.
**17 Pygmies -Nocturne- Jedda By the Sea LP Resistance Records (1984)
Interesting instrumental track from this Savage Republic spin off group.
**Bridget St. John -Song to Keep You Company- John Peel Presents Top Gear LP Compilation BBC (1969)
Apparently Ms. St. John is popular with the indie folk – at least that is was a little birdie told me. This compilation is the first time I’ve heard her - very satisfyingly pretty, well crafted folk songs. I like.
**Oolanbator -Fire in the Dead of Night- 1382 Persian New Waves LP Compilation Tiam An Men 89 (2004)
This track is a classic for me. Unfortunately nothing else to my knowledge has come out by this Iranian artist. There was a while back when a former KDVS DJ sought after Mr. Oolanbator, interested in releasing more material by him. Oolanbator mysteriously disappeared though – there were rumors amongst some that maybe he was ‘disappeared’ – though I can’t say for certain what came of him. Maybe one day he will reappear long enough to release a few more songs at least.
**Arthur Brown -Fanfare Fire Poem- & -Fire- The Crazy World of Arthur Brown LP Track Records (1968)
If you didn’t notice, the previous song ‘Fire in the Dead of Night’ features a sample from this Arthur Brown song. Awesome, classic Arthur Brown. If you haven’t already, I would suggest checking out some of his videos on Youtube if you get the time.
**Barbed Wire -Dies irae tuse 80- Jean-Pierre Massiera Psychoses Discord LP Compilation Mucho Gusto (2007; Orig. 1976-1981)
Weird glammy, disco-y, rockin’ track. The vocals are a bit strange at times, but in a good way.
**Sweet Marriage -Mort- John Peel Presents Top Gear LP Compilation BBC (1969)
Rad bit of prog madness.
**Brainticket -Era of Technology- Celestial Ocean LP FanClub Release (2008 Reissue)
Classic kraut – just got this record and I dig it much.
**The Starlights -Mao Mao- Jean-Pierre Massiera Psychoses Discord LP Compilation Mucho Gusto (2007; Orig. 1976-1981)
A bit more of a typical track from this disco-y compilation, more so than the Barbed Wire. Its got a little funky flare that I like a lot.

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