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L/D --- 11/26/09

Featured a few cuts off of the Wierd Compilation Vol.1. This is a 3xLP + 7-inch Compilation which was released sometime back in 2006. Just got my hands on it and am digging it. There are maybe only a handful of songs that are a bit over the top for me. The ones that stand out & I like though, are quite incredible. Some words regarding this compilation's content from the label:

"Wierd Records in New York City is pleased to present as its innaugural release the “Wierd Compilation”(VR001), featuring 32 tracks by 15 bands which have performed live at WIERD - Brooklyn’s premier weekly DJ and live music party showcasing artists and DJs working within the post-wave, coldwave, and minimal synth genres of alternative pop and dance music since 2003. The sound of this international collection of bands ranges from uptempo analog synthesizer based electronic dance music influenced by early minimal synth and industrial dance to post-wave guitar driven music suggesting the influence of the European Coldwave and classic British and American post-punk sounds."

I featured my top likes off this compilation throughout this particular show. Will also throw in some more tracks throughout the next couple of months. For more information, check out the Wierd Records website at WierdRecords.com

Aired November 26th, 2009

**The Cultural Decay -Brave New World- Eight Ways to Start a Day 12-inch EP Sacred Bones Records (NEW)
**Rondos -A Black & White Statement- Destroy the Entertainment 2xLP King Kong & Red Wig Records (NEW; Orig. 1981)
Album features live performances & previously released material. Fun Brit stuff; this song is strutin’ somewhere between post & art punk for me.
**Band of Susans -You Were An Optimist- Homework #10: D.Y.I / No Wave / Experimental A/B/C CD Compilation Hyped to Death Records (NEW; Orig. 1986)
Fun Joy Division-esk track from this Hyped to Death band.
**Joy Division -Isolation- Closer LP Factory Records (1980)
#1 at the moment in my Joy Division queue.
**A Vague Disquiet -The Lower Lifestyles- Weird Weird Compilation Vol.1 3xLP + 7-inch Weird Records (2006)
This song reminds me quite a bit of a Nothing People song…though can’t name which one at the moment. Surprising considering what else is featured on this compilation. Though it still fits in with its minimal synth vibe.
**Second Layer -Underneath the Glass- World of Rubber LP Cherry Red Records (1981)
Classic record in the world of KDVS. Cherry Red has recently reissued this album on CD. For details, check here: CherryRed.co.uk.
**Dark Day -Window- Window LP Plexus Records (1982)
Hypnotic instrumental track by this legendary No-Wave band.
**2VM -Unscathed- Weird Compilation Vol.1 3xLP + 7-inch Weird Records (2006)
This song for me is quite reminiscent of early ‘80s coldwave or even some of the more mellow Neue Deustche Welle bands. Other than this compilation appearance, 2VM has one single that was released on Genetic Music [Germany] in 2005. For more details, go to GeneticMusic.de
**Metal Boys -Disco Future- Tokio Airport CD Acute Records (Orig. 1980)
Weird minimal electronic track by this ‘79/’80 French New Wave band - shared members with the legendary Metal Urbain.
**Flash Graey Display -Unsurmountable Typification- Weird Compilation Vol.1 3xLP + 7-inch Weird Records (2006)
Dark, dramatic, minimal synth number included on the 7-inch Single that comes along with the Weird Compilation Vol.1.
**Jongbloed Featuring Sofia ER -Disco Nouveau- Festival der Genialen Dissidenten LP + 7-inch Compilation Enfant Terrible Records (2008)
A favorite of mine from 2008…..like the previous song, this track is featured on the 7-inch included in this compilation. Also, like the 2VM track it is quite a throwback to early European synthpop/electro. Collaboration between the boss of Enfant Terrible & a member of the awesome group, Wermut, whom appeared on the Enfant Terrible release ‘Electronic Renaissance.’ NICE! For more information check out Enfant-Terrible.nl
**Aborted -Smoking Clean & Tender Heart- S/T CD Brain of the Jim Records (2004)
As I understand this one man band is a major Severed Heads fan...which I think can be heard in his music. I find this slow dramatic number to be the perfect listening companion on late night drives. Unfortunately this song got cut off because this particular CDR is a bit on the worn side.

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