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L/D --- 12/10/09

Aired December 10th, 2009 from 10-11pm.

**Vincent K. –White Sheet Glory- Festival der Genialen Dissidenten LP + 7-inch Compilation Enfant Terrible Records (2008)
Cover of the infamous Christian Death’s “Romeo’s Distress.” I have had many discussions with folks regarding the subject matter of this song. All interpretations aside, most everyone agrees it’s infectiously catchy. Unfortunately I have not had the privilege to hear what else Vincent K. has put out…..for more information on this record, go here.
**Nervous Gender -Nothing to Hide- Music From Hell LP Subterranean Records (1981)
One of my favorite harsh synthpunk bands – this record is also one of my favorite Subterranean releases. Weird thing is that I always thought this was split LP with a band called Beelzebub Youth; just learned today though that's actually just the title of one side of the record….silly rabbit. So please forgive the references during the airbreak to it being a ‘split.’ For more *correct* information, check this.
**Christian Death -Dream for Mother- Only Theatre of Pain LP Frontier Records (1982)
Felt fitting to play some Christian Death in this set, that is after starting off with a cover of one of their songs. This is their first and most loved full length albums. I find that the majority of the tracks on this record delve into pretty taboo subjects….this song having a sort of incestuous vibe.
**The Jesus & Mary Chain -Suck- Never Understand 12-inch EP Blanco y Negro Records (1985)
First time exploring into Jesus/Mary Chain realm, beyond that of Vegetable Man. I was very happy with what lie in wait.
**Holy Cow -Zucchini Dance- Nobody Gets on the Guest List! LP Compilation Throbbing Lobster Records (1984)
Nice frantic track off of the very first Throbbing Lobster release. The fellow who headed Throbbing Lobster is currently running the Hyped To Death label that features compilations packed full of unknowns. His current Messthetics series is extremely awesome and also the recently released Teenlines [#104 &105] are super rad as well! For more information, check out
**Sex Gang Children -Mauritia Mayer- 7-inch Single Clay Records (1983)
Very dramatic, yet upbeat goth number. This is my first taste of Sex Gang Children and I like. Next stop is diving into their earlier material.
**Business Lady -Palace Horsemen- S/T CDR EP Self-Released (2004)
Awesome band that broke-up sometime back. This track is off of a CDR that KDVS got in 2004 before they had released anything officially and it still holds my favorite songs by them. It always gets me a little down to think that this material never made it onto any records. Luckily they have a wiki page….didn’t realize they considered themselves steampunk. Man if all bands that described themselves as steampunk sounded like this, sign me up buds.
**Explode into Colors -Sharpen the Knife- Coffins 7-inch Single M’Lady’s Records (NEW)
New record from the Portland, OR band. Pretty rad moddy song with female vocals – for me I feel like this fits in somewhere in the neo no wave realm. Go here for more information.
**Talk Normal -Grinnin’ in Your Face- Secret Cog 12-inch EP Just for the Hello of It Records (NEW)
‘Grinnin’…’ reminds me somewhat of the band Mars. And I thought all the neo no wave bands had sort of dried up about 2 years ago. Apparently not and I am quite thankful for that. Glad to see some new blood.
**Frustration -Vice- S/T 12-inch EP Born Bad Records (2004)
I think this record may have actually come out on another label called Blind Records, with Born Bad doing distro or being somehow involved – can’t find any information though on the elusive ‘Blind Records’. I’m thinking it must be defunct or something. This is probably my favorite record by this French band…
**Fun With Animals -The Test of Love & Sex- Test of Love & Sex 7-inch Single A&M Records (1980)
Quarky little synth track…can’t find out much about this group.
**Silicon Teens -T.V. Playtime- Music for Parties LP Mute Records (1980)
Favorite track off of this album. Most of the songs on Music for Parties are covers of 50s standards, though I think this track might be one of the few originals. It also appears as a B-side for one of the issues of the Memphis Tennessee single.
**This Mortal Coil -Sixteen Days Reprise- Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust 12-inch Single 4AD Records (1983)
Tasty synthpop record; first release by this British outfit. This group was led by the headman of 4AD with this specific recording featuring Cocteau Twins and Modern English personnel.
**Holy Toy -Solider Toy- Soldier Toy 12-inch Single Uniton Records (1982)
The random pulls this quarter have been quite fruitful. This Norwegian group shares a member with the rock group De Press.

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