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L/D --- 12/03/09

Aired December 3rd, 2009

**The Passage -Taboodub- Taboos 12-inch EP Cherry Red Records (1981)
Fun little alternative instrumental version to the A-sides ‘Taboos’. The first time I ever played this record, I was surprised to discover that it was released on Cherry Red Records. I recently came across an earlier ‘The Passage’ single which sounds quite different than this. It was more straightforward punk/post-punk sort of sounds. The thing I like so much about this song is that it is so easy to throw in to a lot of different mixes. Yeah!
**Konk -Baby Dee- New York Noise Vol.1 Compilation Soul Jazz Records (2003)
Funky little number off of the very first New York Noise Compilation; a No Wave compilation which featured a variety of acts centralized in NYC, circa 77-83. Originally this song was released in 1983 on the ‘Yo’ LP [
Les Disques Du Crépuscule label].
**Dominatrix -The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight- The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight 12-inch Single Streetwise Records (1984)
Another runner in the No Wave crowd…though Dominatrix made efforts, especially with this semi-hit of a record, to cross into the Electro sphere.
**Dominatrix -City That Never Sleeps- New York Noise Vol.3 Compilation Soul Jazz Records (2006; Orig. Early 1980s)
Dominatrix’s appearance in the New York Noise compilation series – this song is more in line with No Wave sensibilities, but still incredibly rhythmic and hard hitting.
**The Packman -I’m the Packman- Street Sounds Electro No.1
Compilation Streets Sounds (1983)
One of my favorites off of the Streets Sounds Electro No.1 compilation. I especially love the vocal effects in this track - makes for an easy transition into Cybotron. Originally this song was released on a Single that came out on Enjoy Records in 1982. For more information on this compilation check out
**Cybotron -Clear- Enter LP Fantasy Records (1983)
Some would refer to this as electro, while others the beginnings of techno. Techno because the two members of this group were from Detroit, Michigan – the birthplace of techno. As well, one of the members was Juan Atkins, who is considered in pioneer of early techno music. Clear was one of the few ‘hits’ off of this record.

**Newleus -Jam on Revenge [The Wikki-Wikki Song]- Street Sounds Electro No.1 Compilation Streets Sounds (1983)
Another track off of the Street Sounds Electro No.1 compilation. This has to be my favorite track off of this compilation. Originally this song came out on both 7” & 12” single on a variety of labels. Discogs has a very developed bio for this group, so for more information check out the Newcleus Discogs Page.
**Drinking Electricity -Superstition- Survival…Mix & Matter / Megamix LP Compilation Survival Records (1983)
Mellow, yet hard hitting minimal synth song which actually made its way on to a fundraiser compilation I put together a while back…one of my favorites at KDVS.
**Deekay Jones -New York New York- Pulse of New York LP Compilation Glass Records (1983)This is an odd compilation that I came across off of the Mutant Sounds Blog a while back. I feel like a lot of these artists must have ran with the No Wave crowd…though 1983 is late for a compilation of this nature to be released. Apparently Glass Records was a label run out of the UK and as far as I can tell, this was the only song ever officially released by Deekay Jones. Word has it this compilation was recently bootlegged…for more information, check out


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