Friday, January 22, 2010

L/D --- 01/07/2010

Aired January 7th, 2010 from 10-11pm

NOTE:::: Please forgive the giggle fest during the first airbreak…me and Ms. Calamity Janie of Revenge of the Handlebar Mustache had a bit of silly fun. There is one thing though that we speak of that is quite an important KDVS announcement – that topic of KDVS’ annual fundraiser. The dates are set, April 19th – 25th, and KDVS DJs all around are prepping for this shin-dig. I think Ms. Janie & I might plan some crazy shenanigans for our fundraiser shows this year. Check back in the upcoming months for more details.

**She -Roll On- Outta Reach LP Causeway Records (New Reissue)
Rockin’ Sacramento girl group from the ‘70s. Its funny how folks keep saying how hard it is to find information on this band – yet I found a pretty worked out article at regarding this group's history. Not sure how correct all the details are, though if you are curious, check here to read it.
**Ty Segall -Can’t Talk To You- Horn The Unicorn LP HBSP-2X Records (2009)
**Mirrors -Shirley- Something That Would Never Do LP Violet Times / Hovercraft Records (2009)
**Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue -Girl On Auotpilot- & -Toledo- O’ Clouds Unfold! 2xLP Hook or Crook Records (2009)

I’m very excited by this recent release by Dan Melchior. This material was recorded sometime back and planned for release by another label – though that project got hung up for one reason or another and sat dormant for a while. Hook or Crook recently took the reins to get this out, though unfortunately there's been some drama which may still be effecting the availability of this release – if you can, get your hands on it - definitely worthwhile.
**The Rebel -Arabian Knights- Northern Rock Bear Weird Vegetable LP Sacred Bones Records (2008)
**Shearing Pinx -Battery Born- Weaponry LP Divorce Records (2009)
**Meercaz -Fan of A Daze- S/T LP Tic Tac Totally Records (2009)

Great heavy track from this Portland outfit. For more information check
**Lili Z. –The Scale of Sensation- The Two of Us LP In the Red Records (2008)
**el-g -last track- Tout Ploie LP S-S Records (2009)

**Accident Du Travail -Conference #2- Self-titled LP Bruit Direct Disques (2009)
At the right speed this time around. For more information check
**Agent Side Grinder -5-008-119- The Transatlantic Tape Project LP Enfant Terrible Records (2009)

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