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L/D --- 12/17/09, 12/24/09, & 12/31/09

I’ve fallen behind a bit in my posts unfortunately; below sums things up for the last three weeks of the Fall KDVS programming quarter.

Aired December 17th, 2009 from 10-11pm.

For this show I threw down a few favorites. I don't have notes interjected due to some time constraints, though if you have any questions feel free to post them in the comment field.

**Agent Side Grinder -Pulse- & -Black Vein- Irish Recording Tape LP Enfant Terrible Productions (NEW)
**Twin Crystals -Two Girls- Two Girls 7-inch Summer Lovers Unlimited (2008)
**Dead Luke -I Want You- Records One 7-inch Sacred Bones Records (2008; Troggs Cover)
**Pankow -Let Me Be Stalin- Gisela LP Wax Trax Records (1989)
**Demons -Sick By Water- Wierd Vol.2 4xLP Compilation Wierd Records (2008)
**Absolute Body Control -Me & My Desire- Tapes ’81-’89 5xLP BoxSet Vinyl on Demand (2007; Originally released in 1989 on the 'Tracks' Cassette)
**Kraftwerk -Trans-Europe Express- Trans-Europe Express LP Capitol Records (1977)
**Chrome -Meet You in the Subway- Subterranean Modern LP Compilation Ralph Records (1979)
**Gary Numan -M.E.- The Pleasure Principle LP Atco Records (1979)
**Absolute Body Control -Do You Feel It Inside [remake]- Tapes ’81-’89 5xLP BoxSet Vinyl on Demand (2007; Originally released in 1989 on the 'Tracks' Cassette)
**Agent Side Grinder -1-010-195- The Transatlantic Tape Project LP Enfant Terrible Productions (NEW)

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Aired December 24th, 2009 from 10-11pm

Elisa Rocket programmed this awesome set with a few others from the Rocket Clan. Unfortunately Elisa is not on the air this quarter. She has gone abroad. Very devastating for KDVS – though knowing Elisa, she won’t be able to stay away to long.

If you dig this, check out some past playlists for her program, Analog Oatmeal. Elisa currently does The Curcumscribe blog and has mix posts at the Art of the Mix website.

**Jogger -Gorilla Meat- The Great Pressure Album
**Little Dragon -After the Rain- Self-titled Album
**The Long Lost -Regrets Only- Self-titled Album Ninja Tune Records
**Woman Year -Infinity Legs Tri Ons- Live with Frank Zappa & Phill Collins
**Burial + Four Tet -Wolf Cub- Wolf Cub and Moth Album
**Siriusmo -Lastdear- Diskoding Album
**Nosaj Thing -Light#2- Drift Album
**Hieroglyphics -The Who [A+ Remix]- The Who Album
**UGK -It’s Supposed To Bubble- Best of UGK Album
**Devin The Dude -Lacville ’79- Devin The Dude: Greatest Hits Album
**Jean Terrell -Rising Cost of Love- youtubez
**The Jones Girls -When I’m Gone- Keeping Up With The Jonese Album
**Promise -I’m Not Ready For Love- Home Schooled: The ABCs of Kid Soul Album
**Little Denise -Check Me Out- Bay Area Funk Compilation Ubiquity Records
**Antibalas, Makossa Remix -Che Che Cold- Rewind 3 Compilation Ubiquity Records
**Dan Deacon -Padding Ghost- Bromst Album
**20,000 -California- Self-titled Album Self-Released

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Aired December 31st, 2009 from 10-11pm

DJ Corwin programmed this short set of metal juice. If you dig, check out his regular show Nighthawk On the Radio.

**Rosetta -Itinerant/Boss 128- The Galiean Satelites Album
**Isis -Celetial [The Tower]- Celestial Album
**Cult of Luna -Dark City, Dead Man- Somewhere Along the Highway Album
**Mouth of Architect -No One Wanted to Settle Here- The Ties That Bind Album
**Shape of Despair -Quiet These Paintings Are- Angels of Distress Album

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