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L/D --- 01/14/2010

Catching up after a few weeks of absence….

The show below starts off with a few Jay Reatard/Reatards songs. Jay Reatard [real name Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr.] past away a day before this show aired. He will be missed by many as a great song writer and musician. Despite being so young (only 29), he produced much more than a lot of folks do in 50 or 60 years. His passing is unfortunate for the music world.

There were many other KDViates who paid tribute to Jay Reatard during their programs; check them out if you like…..

Calamity Janie of Revenge of the Handlebar Mustache
DJ Rick of Art for Spastics
Oddy-Knocky of the Slowest Man
Anrew & DYL Dawg of Sacto, Great Job!

Aired January 14th, 2010

**Reatards -Out of My Head, Into My Bed- Teenage Hate Album Goner Records (1998)
This song is so damn catchy that I’ve had it in my head since this show aired. A testimony to how awesome a musician Jay Reatard was.
**Reatards -You Ain’t No Fun No Mo- Get Real Stupid 7-inch Goner Records (1998)
A bratty mess of a song - I dig how the drums seem to be constantly on the verge of losing the beat.
**Jay Reatard -Bood Visions- Blood Visions Album- In the Red Records (2006)
Perfect track to start an album with.
**Jay Reatard -All Over Again- Night of Broken Glass 12-inch EP In the Red Records (2007)
**Angry Angles -You Fell In- 7-inch Plastic Idol Records (2006)
Put out by Sacramento's own Plastic Idol Records. I especially like the b-side of this record which features a Wire cover.
**Jay Reatard -Waiting For Something- Blood Visions Album In the Red Records (2006)
As the song ‘Blood Visions’ is the perfect way to start an album, ‘Waiting For Something’ is the perfect manner in which to end an album. The chorus alone is incredible with the anthemic ‘oh no no no, they won’t get me’ – so great.
**Nothing People -Enemy with an Invitation- You’re Invited 7-inch Permanent Records (2010)

Newbie by the Nothing People. Hearing this upped my anticipation for their 3rd full length which just came out on S-S Records. The packaging on this single is very sweet though I think that might have contributed to its price tag which is a little on the high end for singles. It's good though, so if you like this band don't let that be a detractor from picking this up. For more information on this single, check out
**Ganglians -Make It Up- Blood on the Sand 7-inch Captured Tracks Records (2009)

Ah man - I'm hurtin' for summer to come around's alright cause I have Sacramento's own Ganglians to tide me over till then...especially with this track to beckons for an instant sing-a-long.
**Radio Free Europe -Alien Day- Homework #101 Compilation Hyped 2 Death Records (2010)

Nice number coming out of 1979 Austin Texas. For more info on this band/release, check out the H2D site.
**Talk Normal -Uniform- Sugarland LP Rare Book Room Records (2009)

**Inca Ore -Adventure of Light- Silver Sea Surfer School LP Not Not Fun Records (2009)

Absolutely terrific track....eerie and quite beautiful. Last time I took in an Inca Ore performance I was quite floored. If you get the chance, check her out.
**Vermillion Sands -Where Was He From- Miss My Gun 12-inch EP Sacred Bones Records (2009)

I've had this record on over drive recently - a bit frightened I might burn a hole clean through it. That would be sad. This female fronted Italian outfit project vibes that I would rather compare to old-time country favorites of yesteryear than to their contemporaries. For more information, go here. Here for footage.
**Oh Sees -Hey Buddy- Split 7-inch with Paul Gary Stank House Records (2009)
Very pretty and sincere. The type of song I would include on a mixtape for someone I had done wrong - maybe.
**Topaz Rags -Come to the Now- My Estrogeneration Compilation Not Not Fun Records (2009)
Nice haunting little piece by this Cali group. Not a rocker, but a thinker. They also have a full length which is still available - for more information, check here and/or the NotNotFun site.
**HNY -Dead in a Year- My Estrogeneration Compilation Not Not Fun Records (2009)
**Ende Shneafliet -Air Zaire- Trumpett Day LP Compilation Enfant Terrible Productions (2007; Orig. recorded 1981-83)
This band also has a 2xLP with Enfant Terrible, though both that and this compilation are no longer in print.

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