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L/D --- 01/28/2010

Aired January 28th, 2010

**The Blue Rondos -Little Baby- Portrait of a Genius, Joe Meek Compilation Boxset Castle Music UK
A song for the lonely at heart. In discussions, I have heard folks liken this track to early Roy Orbison - definitely haunted twangy pop. Originally released in 1964, this was the b-side to the ‘Baby I Go For You’ 7-inch single produced by Meek (RGM Sound Ltd era). For more information on the Blue Rondos: Go here!
**Flip & the Dateliners -My Johnny Doesn’t Come Around- Let’s Go, Joe Meek’s Girls Compilation RPM

Originally released in 1964, this cover of a Chip Taylor song was the first and only single released by Flip and the Dateliners. Vivienne Chering (Flip) went on to do a solo single with Decca in 1966 under her real name.
**Chick Lewis -With Someone Like You- The Triumph Sessions, Work in Progress Compilation RPM
‘Chick Lewis’ is the stage name of a singer who’s true identity is a bit of a mystery. One thing that is hard to believe is that the fellow who sang this piece a Brit – sounds more like a US hick. This nice twangy number was canned till folks got interested in the eerie – spacey sounds of Meeksville. This song with most likely recorded sometime in the early 1960s.
**Vermillion Sands -I Need No One- 12-inch EP: Miss My Gun Sacred Bones Records (2009)
My favorite cut off of the Miss My Gun EP.
**Hearts of Animals -Underwater Straggie- 7-inch Dull Knife Records (2008)A whimsical piece by this Houston, Texas artist. This being her debut release, she has since done a full length album with ArtStorm records. For more information check here.

**The Wiggins -In the Night- 7-inch Dull Knife Records (2008)
Also from Huston, Mr. Wiggins has recently had a new single come out on Needless Records. For more information check here.

**The Ohsees -Cool Death- & -Broken Stems- The Cool Death of Island Raiders Album Narnack Records (2006)
My favorite cuts off of the Cool Death... album.

**OCS -Intermission- 2 Album Narnack Records (2004)
Early recording by San Francisco’s Thee Oh Sees; highlights the experimental direction that this band originally took before finding their current rockin’ nitch.
**Circuit De Yeux -Serinade to Sophia *Excerpt*- Sirenum LP De Stijl (2009)
Unfortunate – Our copy of this record is a bit warped due to it being delivered during the heat of the summer. I didn’t realize how bad this song skipped till spinning it on air….. opps…
**Purling Hiss -Montage Mountain- S/T album Archive Records (2009)
Pretty kick ass rock number by this Philadelphia group. For more information, check here.
**Eternal Tapestry -Untitled- The Invisible Landscape LP Not Not Fun Records (2009)

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