Monday, February 22, 2010

L/D --- 2/4/2010

Aired February 4th, 2010

I wasn’t able to make it down to the station for this show, but fortunately Ms. Calamity Janie stepped up and covered for me. Here’s what she spun.

**KDVS Interview with David Hasselhoff hosted by
Jerett & DJ Trotsky
**Jawbreaker -Want- Unfun Album Shredder Records (1990 – Listener Request)
**Glen Meadmore -Lovin’ in My Oven- Chicken & Biscuits Album Pervertidora Records (Reissue 2007; Orig. 1987)
**Bad Thoughts -Keep it Easy- Oh Jena! 7-inch M’Lady’s Records (2009)
**The Test Patterns -High Tension- Blackout LP Tic Tac Totally Records (2009)
**Le Face -Salvador Dali- Isolation LP Dead Beat Records (2008)
**Wrong Kind of Stone Age -Run Amok- Bloodstains Across Australia LP Compilation (Orig. 1984 on 7-inch; 1988)
**Venereans -Terminal Beach- Future Primitive LP Tic Tact Totally / Discos Humeantes Records (2009?)
**Amber Alerts -Somewhere under a Shit Cloud- Antibodies 7-inch Sweet Rot Records (2009/2010)
**The King Khan & BBX Show -I’ll Be Love You- Invisible Girl LP In the Records Records (2009/2010)
**Bad Sports -All The Time- All The Time 7-inch Boom Chick Records (2008)
**Stockholm Monsters -Miss Moonlight- Factory Benelux Greatest Hits Factory Benelux (1983)
**Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra -There is a Light- Kollaps Tradixionales Album Constellation Records (2009/2010)


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