Thursday, April 1, 2010

Subbing Supra Aural Sounds --- 03/19/2010

Subbed for Simi of Supra Aural Sounds a couple of weeks ago. Below is the playlist for that show with some minimal details on newer releases. Supra Aural Sounds aires every Friday afternoon from 2:30-4:30 PST – if you get the chance, check it out.

Aired March 19th, 2010

**Tuxedomoon -Waterfront Seat- Subterranean Modern LP Compilation Ralph Records (1979)
**Leather Nun -Death Threats- Slow Death EP Industrial Records (1979)
**Einsturzende Neubauten -U-Haft Muzak- Kollaps LP Zick Zack Records (1981)
**Sektor 304 -Body Hammer- Cleansing Album Malignant Records (2009)

Out of Portugal – more information can be found at Sektor 304’s myspace page and/or
**Pussy Gutt A.K.A. Story of Rats -West (Creature)- Sea of Sand 2xLP Olde English Spelling Bee Records (2007)
More information can be found at and/or at Olde English Spelling Bee’s Blog.
**Skull Flower -Birthdeath- 12-inch EP Broken Flag Records (1988)
**Antennas Erupt -Let’s All Live in Loving Hearts- Magical Energy LP S-S Records (2004)
**Enumclaw -Third Prime- Opening of the Dawn LP Honeymoon Music (2009)

More information can be found at
**Alu -Halt Dich Fest- Autismenschen Album Crippled Intellect Productions (2005; Recorded in 1980)
**Krysmopompas -Gesa- 7-inch Avant! Records (2009)
This record is still available through the Avant! Records myspace page.
**Coil -S is for Sleep- Elephant Table 2xLP Compilation Xtract Records (1983)
**Cluster -In Ewigkeit- Sowiesoso LP Sky Records (1976)
**Gary War -Eyes in the Sky- New Raytheonport LP Shdwply Records (2009)

More information can be found at
**R. Stevie Moore -Explanation of Listener- & -California Rhythm- The Original Phonography LP HP Music (1978; Records in 1974)
**Pere Ubu -Heaven- Hearpen Singles Boxset Tim/Kerr Records (1995; Originally 1977)
**Pere Ubu -The Book is on the Table- Terminal Tower LP Get Back Records (2001 Reissue)
**Sam Goldberg -Side B- Current LP Weird Forest Records (2010)

More information can be found at and/or at

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