Tuesday, March 30, 2010

L/D --- 03/18/2010

Aired March 18th, 2010

**Wipers -Now is the Time- Over the Edge LP Brain Eater Records (1983)
**Leather Nun -No Rule- Slow Death EP Industrial Records (1979)
This EP is high on my personal wants list. Every song on it is pretty damn terrific – great balance between more straight forward punk and weird lurking industrial tracks. The Commercial Zone Blog did a nice write up on Leather Nun, including a short bio – check it out at
CommercialZone.blogspot.com. More information on Industrial Records can be found at Inustrial-Records.com.
**Smack -For a Daqui- Sexual Life of Savages Compilation Soul Jazz Records (2005)
Originally released in 1985 on the ‘Ao Vivo No Mosh’ LP,
Baratos Afins Label. More information can be found at SoulJazzRecords.co.uk.
**Visible Targets -Just For Money- Self-Titled 12-inch EP Park Avenue Records (1982)
**Blurt -Ubu- In Berlin LP Ruby Records (1981)
**Mathematiques Modernes -A+B=C- Les Visiteurs Du Soir LP Dorian Records (1981)

More information available at Mathematiques Modernes
myspace page.
**B-Movie -Institution Walls- [Re-Mix] Remembrance Day 12-inch Single Deram Records (1981)
**Harry -You Have Gone Wrong- Sexual Life of Savages Compilation Soul Jazz Records (2005)

Originally released in 1988 on the ‘Fairy Tales’ LP/Cassette. If you know Portuguese, more information can be found at Harry’s website,
**The Residents -Time’s Up- Subterranean Modern LP Compilation Ralph Records (1979)
**Centipede Eest -Owl’s Nest- 7-inch New Ruins Records (2010)

More information on this record can be found at
**John Maus -Love Letters From Hell- Love is Real Album Upset the Rhythm Records (2007)
I rather enjoy the fact that this fellow has posted various negative reviews of this and his previous album ‘Songs’ on his
myspace page - if you are out for a laugh, check them out. I personally like this record, though it is the type of music that works for me in small doses. This record is still available through UpsetTheRyhthm.co.uk.
**Moon Duo -Escape- Escape Album Woodsist Records (2010)
New LP – more information can be found at
**The Feeling of Love -Goin’ Back to the Ninties- OK Judge Revival LP Kill Shaman Records (2010)

Just got this record in the mail and I have quickly fallen in love with every track on it. More information on this release can be found at KillShaman.com and/or at The Feeling of Love’s myspace page.
**Enumclaw -Blue Star Kachina- Opening of the Dawn LP Honeymoon Music (2009)
This record reminds me quite a bit of Cluster’s ‘Sowiesoso’ – pretty melodic yet sparse. More information on this release can be found at


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