Friday, October 7, 2011

Sad, lonely, and blue - L/D; 10/06/2011

Deaf Wish from Austrailia will be playing in Sacramento tomorrow night! - Saturday, October 8th @ at the Boiz/Sess House in Oak Park. Visit for more information. Check out this video...

Also, check out this WE video .... awesome minimal shit out of the U.K.:


Aired October 6th, 2011

**The Hunches  -Not Invited-
Exit Dreams Lp  In the Red  (2008)
**Deaf Wish  -Freeze the Sound-
S/T Lp  Radio Records Melbourne  (2007)
**Feedtime  -Sad, Lonely, and Blue-
Cooper-S Lp  Aberrant/Rough Trade  (1988)
**Feedtime  -Fractured-
Shovel Lp  Aberrant/Rough Trade  (1986)
**Deaf Wish  -Make It Hurt-
S/T Lp  Radio Records Melbourne (2007)
**Venom P. Stinger  -Unused-
What's Yours is Mine Lp  Aberrant/Normal  (1990)
**Iceage  -Never Return-
New Brigade Lp  What's Your Rupture?  (2011)
**TV Ghost  -The Amputee-
S/T Lp  Die Stasi  (2008)
**The Milkmen  -Since You Went Away-
Messthetics #107 Compilation  Hyped 2 Death  ('78 / '81)
**Total Control  -Meds-
Henge Beat Lp  Iron Lung  (2011)
**Mosquito  -Fat Man Walks-
7-inch  ERL  (1992)
**The Rebel  -BTR Photo-
Split 7-inch with Bomber Jackets  Kill Shaman/Savoury Days  (2011)
**Grave Babies  -Nails-
Deathface Lp  Skrot Up  (2011)
**Black Bug  -Police Helicopter-
Shard of Glass 7-inch  HoZac  (2011)
**Vice Versa  -Riot Squad-
Music 4 7-inch  Neutron  (1979)
**WE  -We Will Follow Him-
10-inch  Pil and Galia Kollectiv  (2011)
**U.S. Girls  -Red Ford Radio-
Go Grey Lp  Siltbreeze  (2008)

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