Friday, March 23, 2012

...don't you feel the danger ... at all!?! - FPS; 03/22/2012

Indulged myself this evening with a few all time electronic favorites. I was able to include a couple new records for your enjoyment. Times come for a break though ... the last regularly scheduled Future Primitive Studies for a while will be airing next Thursday night.

Fav of the Week ///
Tara Cross' Tara Cross, 1982-89 Boxset out now on Vinyl-on-Demand

Aired March 22nd, 2012

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Stream till next week

**Colin Newman -Don’t Bring Reminders-
Not To Lp 4AD (1982)
**Wire -Kidney Bingos-
A Bell Is A Cup Lp Mute (1988)
**New Order -Cries and Whispers-
Everythings Gone Green 12-inch Single Factory Benelux (1981)
**This Mortal Coil -Sixteen Days Reprise-
Sixteen Days – Gathering Dust 12-inch Single 4AD (1983)
**Dominatrix -The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight-
Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight 12-inch Ep Streetwise (1984)
**Glass Candy -Iko! Iko!-
2004 Tour CDR (2004)
**Tara Cross -Lack of Identity- and -It’s Cold-
Tara Cross, 1982-89 Boxset Vinyl-On-Demand (2011; Orig. 1985 and 1982)
**Blist Blast  -song #1-
Cassette (1982/83?)
**Lazy Magnet -Arrows of Lust-
7-inch split with Father Finger Corleone (2012)
**Severed Heads -Dead Eyes Opened-
Dead Eyes Opened 12-inch Ep Nettwerk (1985)
**Killing Joke -Tension-
Follow the Leaders 10-inch Single EG (1981)
**Sisters of Mercy -1969-
Alice 12-inch Ep Merciful (1982)

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