Friday, March 30, 2012

I'll take the 8:15 to hell ... - FPS; 03/29/2012

Taking a break now from KDVS. This last show featured some favorites in the chiper punk, no wave, and Neue Deustche Welle arena.

Fav of the week ///
Screaming Alpha's 8:15 to Hell
One of my all time favorite found tracks at KDVS.

till next time ....

Aired March 29th, 2012

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**J.P. Herrmann -Car Conversation-
demo cdr (2007)
**Thomas Function -Relentless Machines-
Celebration! Lp Alive (2011)
**The Whines -How to Act-
Split Lp with Burning Yellows Palmist (2011)
**The Ketamines -Evil Intentions-
Spaced Out Lp Mammoth Cave Recording Co. (2012)
**Sex Church -Old Enough-
Six Songs 12-inch Ep Convulsive (2010)
**Wipers -Taking Too Long-
Youth of America Lp Park Avenue (1981)
**3 Toed Sloth -Flipcar-
s/t Lp Slothful (1991)
**Noh Mercy -Lines-
s/t Lp Superior Viaduct (2012; Orig. 1979)
**Cop Shoot Cop -Low.Com.Demon-
Consumer Revolt Lp Circuit (1990)
**Theoretical Girls -You Got Me-
No New York vol.1 Compilation Soul Jazz (Orig. 1978)
**The Oblivians -Jim Cole-
Soul Food Crypt (1995)
**Tit Machine -We Build a New City-
7-inch Siltbreeze (2008)
**The Stalin #14
Stop Jap Lp Climax (1982)
**Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle -Eingesschlagene Schaufenster-
Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig Lp Compilation ZickZack (1981)
**Grauzone -Eisbar-
Swiss Wave Lp Compilation Off Course (1980)
**Tone Set -Predictions-
Cal’s Ranch Cassette Zia (1982)
**Screaming Alpha -8:15 to Hell-
Art is the Handmaid of Human Good Lp Compilation RRRecords (1987)


  1. love your show melissa for ever and for always xoxo

  2. Thanks Alicia .... hear I may be seeing you soon. Something about a tour with a Mr. Wasser?