Friday, March 2, 2012

ROCK OF AGES! roll away, rock away, roll away... - FPS; 03/01/2012

The Feeling of Love played an awesome show this past week in Sacramento at Bows and Arrows with Delacave (also from France) and Sacto's own San Kazakgascar. If you missed this show, no worries! You can catch The Feeling of Love and Delacave at the Davis Bike Collective next Friday, March 9th with Electric Jellyfish and Ennui Trust. More information on this show can be found here.

Thanks to Natasha for the recommendation .... lovin' on that Mendoza!!!

Fav of the Week ///
Got a package from Last Laugh Records recently; bunch of 7-inch reissues of Killed By Death punk stuffs. Sooo good! My favorite has to be The Kidda Band's (a.k.a. The Incredible Kidda Band's) (Watch Out) Thief.

Aired March 1st, 2012

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Stream till next week

**Bazooka -Jupiter-
7-inch Dusty Medical (2012)
**Apache -Boy’s Life-
7-inch Douche Master (2007)
**King Tuff -Kind of Guy-
Was Dead Lp Colonel (2007)
**Nervous Eaters -I’m a Degenerate-
Eaterville Vol.1 Penniman (recorded early/mid '70s; previously unreleased)
**Jobriath -Rock of Ages-
s/t Lp Elektra (1973)
**Mendoza -Hello Hello-
s/t Lp (1970/72)
**Richard Papiercuts -Yolanda-
A Sudden Shift Lp Pena (2012)
**Adam and the Ants -Press Darlings-
7-inch CBS (1980)
**Permanent Wave -Little Girl-
Waves Anthology Lp Compilation Bomp (1979)
**Kidda Band -(Watch Out) Thief-
7-inch Last Laugh (2012; orig. 1978/79)
**The Skunks -Earthquake Shake-
7-inch Last Laugh (2012; orig. 1979)
**Los Huevos -Gas Attack-
s/t Lp Cheap Date (1997)
**The Mentally ILL -Tumor Boy-
7-inch Last Laugh (2012; orig. 1979)
**Electric Eels -Agitated-
God Say Fuck You album LSR / Homestead / Dutch East India Trading (1991; orig. 1978)
**Destroy All Monsters -You’re Gonna Die-
7-inch Megalo Music (1978)
**Crime -Maserati-
7-inch B-Square (1980)
**Ozzie -Organice Gardening-
The Parabolic Rock dbl.Lp S-S (1977-81)
**Slim Twig -Pastiche-
7-inch Calico Corp. (2011)
**The Feeling of Love -Cellophane Face-
Dissolve Me Lp Kill Shaman (2011)

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