Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EAT Y'SELF FITTER - subbed show w/ DJ Rick; 05/22/2012

DJ Rick & I decided to pick up a shift last night at KDVS. For me this is one of the few occasions where I have attempted to co-host with someone. Please excuse the goofy laughs (mine!) – I get giggly when I’m in the studio with someone else.

Reissues ruled this show for me; the spot of my favorite record of the week is split between Crypt’s reissue of the Psycho Surgeons Horizontal Action 7-inch and Sacred Bones/Mannequin’s joint reissue of U.V. Pop’s No Songs Tomorrow Lp. Both are great records and worth picking up.

The Fall’s Perverted by Language album has been a rather frequent road trip companion of ours over the past few weeks – so we thought it would be fitting to throw it in the mix. Rick has some fun doing some melody comparison during that set. 

Aired May 22, 2012

Stream till next week

**Mad Scene -Nasty Girl-
Blip Lp  Siltbreeze
**Chook Race -Pop Song-
Medicine 7-inch  Gotta Grove
**Dick Diver -Head Back-
New Start Again CD  Chapter Music
**Son Skull -Stripped Screw/Dan's Dream-
Wiped Clean 12-inch Ep  Perennial
**Folded Shirt -Smell You Later-
S/T Lp  Fashionable Idiots
**Deride -Fuck Taste-
7-inch Ep  Kangaroo (1999)
**Culture Kids -Isolated-
S/T Lp  Make A Mess
**Psycho Surgeons -Horizontal Action-
7-inch  Crypt  (orig. 1978)
**Uzi Rash -Controlled Filth-
I Was 30 In 2012 Lp  Volar
**The Fall -Eat Y’self Fitter-
Perverted By Language Lp  Rough Trade  (1983)
**Captian Beefheart -Ashtray Heart-
Doc At The Radar Station Lp  Virgin  (1980)
**Radiopuhleimet -Jaameri-
Jaameri Lp  Spirit  (1992)
**Sky Needle -Raft Werk-
Rave Cave Lp  Negative Guest List
**Dan Melchior -Strange Antennae-
Ghost In The Supermarket 12-inch Ep  Moniker
**U.V. Pop -No Commitment-
No Songs Tomorrow Lp  Sacred Bones/Mannequin  (orig. 1983)
**Cabaret Voltaire -Seconds Too Late-
7-inch  Rough Trade  (1981)

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