Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No Need to Fear! - subbed show w/ DJ Rick; 05/29/2012

Week two subbing for Trotsky and Phil of The Stompin' Bootboys. They better be careful or else DJ Rick and I are going to get use to this slot...

For this week, two reissues stuck out to me in particular; the Ugly Pop's Arson 7-inch and the Kick's 7-inch on 540 Music. Great stuff! Also really dig the new Teledente 666 7-inch on Sweet Rot which involves frenchie Seb Normal of the band Crash Normal.  Picked up the Artifecal 7-inch about a month ago and this was my first chance to fit it into a set. Surprisingly diverse - 'It's Not Too Late' would make for excellent late afternoon desert driving music. 

Not sure when we'll be back on the air again. The programming quarter is coming to an end soon, which may mean more subbing opportunities. We'll see.

Aired May 29, 2012
Stream till next week

**The Smuts -Shock Theropy-
7-inch  Sack ‘O Shit  (2000)
**Arson -Coho Coho-
Coho Coho 7-inch  Ugly Pop  (orig. 1979)
**Hooded Hags -Exxon Baby-
Graveyard 7-inch  Stank House
**Psychic Feline -White Walls-
White Walls 7-inch  Water Wing
**Bored! -Over the Edge-
People Say … 7-inch Dog Meat  (1991; Wipers cover)
**Dead Moon -54/40 or Fight-
Unknown Passage Lp  Mississippi  (orig. 1989)
**Dictators -Stay-
Bloodbrothers Lp  Asylum  (1978)
**Cheap Time -Another Time-
Wallpaper Music Lp  In The Red
**Kicks -The Return of the Action Men-
The Secret 7-inch  540 Music  (orig. 1981)
**TV Ghost -Phastasm-
Phantasm 7-inch  Sweet Rot
**Teledetente 666 -Panne Sexe-
Les Rats 7-inch  Sweet Rot
**Artifecal -Fly High // It’s Not Too Late-
I Sell My Blood 7-inch Ep  Hex Grammofoonplaten  (2011)
**Police des Moeurs -Um Monde Sans Evasion Possible-
N’en Parlons Plus 7-inch  F.K.K. – Musik
**Half A Twin -Streuner-
Fly! 7-inch  F.K.K. – Musik  (2011)
**Stephen Mallinder -Length of Time-
Pow Wow Plus Lp  Doublevisions  (1985)

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