Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Let's just wait and see ... - subbed show w/ DJ Rick; 06/19/2012

A month or so back I received a package in the mail addressed from Melbourne, Austrailia. Had never heard of the sender before and was curious how the sender got my P.O. Box # (only folks that I've bought records from or traded records with have that info). In the package was a CDR entitled Vacant Valley Sampler #1, April 2012. Gave it a whirl in my player and was very pleasantly surprised by what I heard - three tracks, all different, all great. We started off this show with the first track, the band Psy Ants (pronounced like 'Science' I believe). Vacant Valley is releasing a few of this bands tracks (including the one played here) on an upcoming 12-inch entitled "Bit Tongue Prik". Can't wait till its out - definitely looking forward to hearing more of this bands songs. I like the song "Spike" so much that it is a shoe in as one of my picks of the week (eventhough it is not officially out yet).

Still a mystery how this got to me - can't remember whether it was addressed with attn to Malt Duck or my DJ name. Did I trade with someone? Did I give my address out via email request? I think the scariest thing is that my memory is vague - its entiry possible I did get an email and responded with an address. Or maybe the Vacant Valley CEO is buds with Albert's Basement (a store out of Victoria, Austrailia that I have done deals with in the past). All possible. 

My reissue pick of the week has to be the Stephan Eicher "Spielt Noise Boys" Lp. Stephan is the brother Martin Eicher of Grauzone. I think Stephan may have actually contributed to the legendary Eisbar recording (not 100% sure on this). If you want to know more about Stephan Eicher, get this record. It includes a plethera of information in the liner notes. 

I have to give a honorable mention to The Limit reissue. Just happened across it in the KDVS new releases section. Super fun powerpop out of New Orleans circa 1982. Speaks to that teeage girl in all of us who likes dancing around her room in her underwear, singing into a hairbrush .... or is that just me? TMI

Aired June 19, 2012
Stream till next week

**Psy Ants -Spike-
Bit Tongue Prik 12-inch Vacant Valley (upcoming!)
**Unsane -Jungle Music-
7-inch PCP Productions (1991)
**Druid Perfume -Scissors Crossin A River-
S/T Lp Urinal Cake
**Pop. 1280 -Thirteen Steps-
7-inch Blind Prophet
**Lou Champagne System -Machine Muzik-
No Visible Means Lp Medical (orig. 1983)
**Nagamatzu -Carmine-
Sacred Islands of the Mad Lp Dark Entries (2010; orig. 1986)
**Stephan Eicher -Noise Boys-
Spielt Noise Boys Lp Born Bad (orig. 1980)
**Crash Normal -Electric Eye-
Your Body Got A Land Lp Kill Shaman
**The Lamps -Poolfish-
S/T Lp In The Red (2007)
**The Intelligence -Sunny Backyard-
Everbody’s Got It Easy But Me Lp In The Red
**Nice Face -Killing Time-
Horizon Fires Lp HoZac
**The Spits -Schwarz Fahren-
Erste Deutsche Original Aufnahme! 12-inch Ep Red Lounge
**Useless Eaters -The Move-
7-inch Jolly Dream
**Billy Synth and the Turnups -I Wanna Be Your Dog-
Off the Dead End Lp Cracked (1980; Stooges cover)
**The Normals -Yankee Dollar-
So Bad So Sad Lp Last Laugh (orig. 1979)
**The Limit -Uh Oh-
The Limit Lp Cheap Rewards (orig. 1982)
**Intra -Night of the Thunder Bees-
Chemical 12-inch Ep Boulevard (1984)
**Cozy -Cola Shock Kids-
7-inch HoZac

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