Friday, June 22, 2012

Everything she did offended someone... - subbed show; 06/21/2012

This just may be my first successful themed show, which is fitting considering I was subbing KDVS' "Calling All Girls!" - a program dedicated to bringing listeners a mix of new and old songs featuring female vox.  I must admit, I wanted to stray from the theme, but thanks to DJ Rick, we stayed on point.

Fun mix of new/old/poppy/post-punky/weirdo lady tunes. This is going to be a great show to have handy for the upcoming summer road trips we have planned.

Knock Knock will be appearing at the Towne House tonight in Sacramento with Manatee (Slumberland dude's band), English Singles, and Lorelei. More information on this show can be found at Sacto's undietacos site.

Aired June 21, 2012

Stream till next week

**Go Genre Everything -Everyday Robots-
Domestic Dreams and Robots 7-inch Vacant Valley (upcoming)
**Stag -Goin’ Out-
Get Used To It 7-inch Disembraining
**Visible Targets -Mechanical Man-
S/T 12-inch Ep Park Avenue (1982)
**Grass Widow -Disappearing Industries-
Internal Logic HLR
**Trophy Wife -Stella, My Star-
7-inch Private Leisure Industries
**Drum Bunny -Rhapsody in Purple-
Trap Sampler Lp Compilation Trap (1981)
**April March and The Makers -Try to Cry-
April March Sings Along with The Makers Lp  Sympathy for the Record Industry (1996)
**The Underachievers -I’ll Be There For You-
Nobody Gets On The Guest-List Lp Compilation  Throbbing Lobster (1984)
**Buzz and the Gang -Hearts Waiting-
Claws! Lp Compilation  Throbbing Lobster (1985)
**Knock Knock -We Will Raise Your Child-
We Will Raise Your Child Lp Sacramento
**The Aisler’s Set -Through the Swells-
How We Learned to Write Backwards Suicide Squeeze (2002)
**U.S. Girls -The Island Song-
7-inch Calico Corp.
**Unrest -Light Command-
Perfect Teeth Teenbeat/4AD (1993)
**Christmas -100 Million Flowers-
Bands That Could Be God Lp Compilation Conflict (1984)
**The Fall -Hotel Bloedel-
Perverted By Language Lp Rough Trade (1983)
**The Intelligence -Little Town Flirt-
Everybody’s Got it Easy But Me Lp In the Red (Del Shannon cover)

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