Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Billy Crystal is the KING! - subbed show; 07/10/2012

Rick and I covered for Trot and Phil of FR(A)T Row last night. This gave us the opportunity to spin a few records of bands that are coming through this area in the next few days and who are appearing at the SS Fest II this upcoming weekend in SF. We also just got back from an amazing wonderful trip to Portland, so some buys from that trip also made an appearance on this program.

I’m really excited about SSII coming up this Friday and Saturday nights in SF. Played the new Spray Paint 7-inch to get folks pumped about it and the other shows Spray Paint is playing in this region during the next few days:
  • Appearing at the Press Club tonight in Sacramento with G.Green, Deep Time, Godspeed 209
  • Playing a live set tomorrow night during KDVS’ Live In Studio A
  • Trekking to SF Friday night for their SSII Fest show at the Hemlock Tavern
More information on these shows can be found on Sacto’s All of these shows are part of a larger summer tour Spray Paint has going on - Info on the rest of this tour can be found here.

Mr. Soriano has put together an excellent line up for the SS Fest II which includes appearances by The Lamps, Icky Boyfriends, Monoshock, and a few other incredible bands. More information on SSII can be found at the SS2 blogspot page (and on the flyer below).

My body is home, buy my mind is still on vacation in Portland – eating delicious food, drinking potent coffee, and not paying much attention at all to the time. So that does it for me right now. Enjoy the program.

Aired July 10, 2012

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**Lenz -Hourglass-
Under Neon 12-inch Ep Tic Tac Totally
**Cuffs -You Can Come True-
Private View 7-inch Ride the Snake
**Deep Time -Gold Rush-
S/T Hardly Art
**Psychic Feline -Vampires-
Blood Dolphin 7-inch
**Sad Horse -You Are Idiots-
Purple On Purple Makes Purple Lp Water Wing
**Constant Mongrel -B. Crystal-
Everything Goes Wrong Lp R.I.P. Society / 80/81
**Spray Paint -Spock Fingers-
Spock Fingers 7-inch SS Records
**Mordecai -Drag Down-
Drag Down 7-inch Wantage USA
**Repulse -Sweeties-
Habershon Ways 7-inch Cameleon (orig. 1982)
**Tronics -Love Backed By Force-
Love Backed By Force Lp What’s Your Rupture? (orig. 1982)
**Brian Crook -Living Death-
Bathysphere Lp Meds
**Flipper -End the Game-
Live at Target Lp Compilation Subterranean (1982)
**Factrix -Ballad of the Grim Rider-
Scheintot Lp Superior Viaduct (orig. 1981)
**Ghedalia Tazartes -Rein Qu’au Soleil-
Diasporas Lp Dais (orig. 1979)
**Front 242 -U-Men-
Geography New Dance (1982)
**Monoshock -Striking a Match in the Year 4007-
Runnin’ Ape-like from the Backwards Superman: 1989-1995 SS Records (2004; orig. 1994)

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