Tuesday, March 2, 2010

L/D --- 2/11/2010

Aired February 11th, 2010

**Nothing People -Soft Crash- Soft Crash LP S-S Records (2010)
Title track off of Nothing People’s 3rd full length album; for more information, check
S-SRecords.com or the band’s myspace page.
**Sonny & the Sunsets -Death Cream- Tomorrow is Alright Album Soft Abuse Records (2009)
Another song that has me longing for summer evenings. I was lucky to check this SF band out live on New Year’s Eve – awesome live set; band bio is available at
**Wounded Lion -Creatures in the Cave Ballad- 7-inch Gilgongo Records (2009)
I’m in anticipation for the official release of Wounded Lion’s full length on
In the Red. They are heading out to Austin for SXSW in the next few weeks. If your around those parts, check 'em out – info here.
**Magnetic Fields -I Don’t Believe You- i Album Nonesuch Records (2004)
Considering this program’s proximity to Valentine’s day, some sappy love songs were bound to creep in. I’ve never been one for Magnetic Fields, but there is something about this song in particular that I have always found intriguing;
Magnetic Fields info.
**Affair -Honey- 7-inch Lovers: Affair vs. Homind Vice Recordings (2004)
Silly piece by this NY outfit that appeared to be hot back in 2007. Not sure what’s going on now with them. This is the only thing I have heard by them – I like this a lot but not in a way that intrigues me to check them out further. For those interested in more info, check out their
**Happiness -My Memory- S/T 12-inch EP Shit on Records (2006)
I'm surprised folks don't talk more about this record cause its one of my favorites. Really catchy songs and over all the entire album is quite romantic; a love letter of sorts. Happiness is pretty much the kiddos in Kool Teen!, minus one or two of the members; also, I believe Shit On Records is run by those folks as well. Some information can be found
**City Center -Cops Don’t Care- 7-inch M’Lady’s Records (2009)
I’m digging this track by City Center. First time I’ve heard of this outfit from NYC. This seems to be the most rockin’ track of theirs compared to what else I’ve heard by them (only samples from their
myspace unfortunately). For more information, you can check out their Blog or M’Lady’s site.
**Pin Group -Ambivalence- S/T CD Siltbreeze Records (Orig. 1981 on 7-inch)
My favorite track by this legendary New Zealand outfit - More information on band
history & discography.
**Happiness -Love Will Tear Us Apart- S/T 12-inch EP Shit on Records (2006)
**The Feeling of Love -La-Bas C’est Naturel- School Yeah 7-inch Sweet Rot Records (2009)

**U.S. Girls -Sleeping on Glass- Go Grey LP Siltbreeze Records (2010)
This new LP is out now! Also U.S. Girls is currently touring Europe. Information regarding this new release and tour dates is available at
**Pregnant -Me and Mobius- Liquidation on Swans Album Life’s Blood Flows Records (Orig. Cassette; 2009)
More info on
**Slicing Grandpa -Autumn Rising- Diaper Down Album Scatalogical Liberation Front (2009)
Unfortunately I can’t find information on this album much of anywhere…hopefully some sites will be updated soon;
Label, Myspace for more info.
**Kurt Vile -Farfisas in Falltime- He’s Alright 7-inch Matador Records (2009)



  1. Regarding the Happiness track; don't you know any other ****ing words to that song?

  2. Thanks for supporting Sonny & the Sunsets!

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