Friday, June 3, 2011

L/D --- 05/12/2011

Realized I overlooked posting this show .... losing it.

Aired May 12th, 2011


**R. Stevie Moore  -Conflict of Interest-
Clack! Cdr
**R. Stevie Moore  -I See Stars-
Glad Lp  Hamster Records and Tapes  (1985)
**MX-80 Sound  -Crushed Ice-
Hard Attack Lp  Island  (1977)
**Spherical Objects  -Ten to Nine-
Eliptical Optimism Lp  Object Music  (1979) 
**MAL  -Who is Like Unto God?-
The Preacher from the Black Lagoon Lp  Physiocrat  (1983)
**MAL  -A Manual of Human Dissection-
Compendium Maleficarum Lp  Physiocrat  (1981)
**Nervous Gender  -Nothing to Hide-
Music from Hell Lp  Subterranean  (1981)
**Malaria!  -Leidenschaft-
Emotion Lp  Les Disques Du Crepsucule  (1982)
**Psyclones  -What Goes On-
Different Thinking People Lp  Permanent  (2011)
**Konstruktivists  -Blowpipe Assasins- and -Farland-
Flowmotion Years 1980-1982 Lp  Vinyl-On-Demand  (2009)
**Welfare State [White Noise]  -Silence is requested in the Ultimate Abyss-
John Peel Presents Top Gear Lp  BBC  (1969)

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