Friday, June 3, 2011

L/D --- 06/02/2011

Pick of the Week: Horrid Red 7-inch

Horrid Red was orginally scheduled to play the Hub in Sacramento, mid-June. With the Hub's closure, this show is now left without a home. If anyone has an ideas for places where this show could feasibly happen, hit me up at

Aired June 2nd, 2011


**Manikin  -Grinding Halt-
Stop the Sirens Lp  Super Secret  (2009)
**Frustration  -Artists Suck-
12-inch EP  Self Released  (2004)
**Mazing Vids  -Insects-
Drastic Mirth Lp  Stricken  (2009)
**Dan Melchior und Das Menace  -Adjunct to Me-
Visionary Pangs Lp  S-S Records  (2010)
**UV Race  -Down Your Street-
Homo Lp  In The Red Records  (2011)
**Paul Reekie  -Lovers-
Messthetics #105 Compilation  Hyped to Death  (2007; Orig. 1980)
**Pink Industry  -Don't Let Go-
Forty Five 12-inch Single  Zulu  (1982)
**Horrid Red  -Banquet in Blue-
Pink Flowers 7-inch  Soft Abuse  (2011)
**Soft Kill  -Borders Comfort-
An Open Door Lp  Fast Weapons  (2011)
**M Ax Noi Mach  -Fetico-
In the Shadows Lp  White Denim  (2010)
**Killing Joke  -S.O. 36-
S/T Lp  E'G  (1980)
**Legendary Pink Dots  -Trance-
S/T Boxset  Vinyl-on-Demand  (2007; Orig. 1982)
**Severed Heads  -Ladies and Gents Digital-
Record 3 - Adenoids 1977-1985 Boxset  Vinyl-on-Demand  (2008; Orig. 1981/82)
**Throbbing Gristle  -Hot on the Heels of Love-
20 Jazz Funk Greats Lp  Industrial  (1979)

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