Thursday, June 16, 2011

L/D --- 06/09/2011

The Horrid Red show found a home...Tonight, in Davis, they will be playing at the Haunted Oak House. More information can be found on the flyer below or at

Pick of the Week: New Lp by The Feeling of Love

Aired June 9th, 2011

**The Feeling of Love  -Cellophane Face-
Dissolve Me Lp  Kill Shaman  (2011)
**Brian Eno  -Baby's On Fire-
Here Come The Warm Jets Lp  Polydor  (1973)
**Roxy Music  -Virginia Plain-
S/T Lp  Atco  (1972)
**Nothing People  -A Really Good Time-
In the City 7-inch  S-S Records  (2007)
**Nothing People  -In The House-
Soft Crash Lp  S-S Records  (2010)
**Horrid Red  -Pink Flowers-
Pink Flowers 7-inch  Soft Abuse  (2011)
**City Center  -Obvious-
Redeemer Album  K Records  (2011)
**Hermine  -Happy Holidays-
The World On My Plates Lp  Crammed Discs  (1982)
**Krysmopompas  -Gesa-
Gesa 7-inch  Avant!  (2009)
**Kim Ki O  -Zorla, Zorla-
Dans Lp  Enfant Terrible  (2010)
**Silk Flowers  -I Walk With You-
As Above, So Below 12-inch Ep  Captured Tracks  (2009)
**Sewn Leather  -Dead in the Morning-
I Live Like This Cuz I Like It Lp  (Y)ours  (2009/10?)
**Borghesia  -Previse Tenzije-
Ljubav Je Hladnija Od Smrti Lp  Dark Entries  (2010; Oirg.1985)
**John Bender  -35A9-
I Don't Remember / I Don't Want to Talk About It Lp  Fan Club  (2011)

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