Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gotta Love them Rebel Kind - subbed show; 10/11/2011

Scott S. sickie ... so I held down the fort for him.

Aired October 11th, 2011
MP3 Download

**Only Ones  -Another Girl, Another Planet-
S/T Lp  CBS  (1978)
**Nerves  -Hanging on the Telephone-
7-inch  Nerves  (1976)
**The Strand  -One More Ring-
Seconds Waiting Lp  Wasp  (1982)
**The Boys  -First Time-
7-inch  NEMS  (1977)
**Art Yard  -Something in Your Eyes-
7-inch  Ride the Snake  (2011)
**Animals and Men  -Shell Shock-
7-inch  Strange Days  (Orig. 1980)
**Lenz  -Feeling Leaving (the 21st Century)-
7-inch  S-S Records  (2011)
**Basczax  -Karleearn Photography-
Earcom 2 Lp Compilation  Fast Product  (1979)
**Black Bug  -Police Helicopter-
Shard of Glass 7-inch  HoZac  (2011)
**Total Control  -See More Glass-
Henge Beat Lp  Iron Lung  (2011)
**Jeff and Jane Hudson  -Los Alamos-
Flesh dbl.Lp  Dark Entries/Captured Tracks  (2011; Orig. 1983)
**Tuxedomoon  -New Machine-
S/T 12-inch Ep  (1978)
**Unit 4  -Hidden Faces-
FM-BX Society Tape 001 Lp Compilation  S-S Records  (2010; Orig. 1981)
**Grass Widow  -Mannequin-
Milo Minute 7-inch  HLR  (2011; Wire cover)

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