Saturday, October 29, 2011

I admit my faults - L/D; 10/27/2011

Featured a few new items from AVANT! that just arrived. You will be hearing more from those on next week's program.

Find of the week: Fish and Roses' cover of I Hate You by the Monks

Pick of the week: Wax Idols' All Too Human

Aired October 27th, 2011
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**OBN IIIs  -Communicated to Death-
The One And Only Lp  Tic Tac Totally  (2011)
**Wax Idols  -All Too Human-
7-inch  HoZac  (2011)
**La La Vasquez  -Why?-
7-inch  M'Ladys  (2011)
**UV Race  -Nazicistic-
Homo Lp  In The Red Records  (2011)
**Tyvek  -Still Sleep-
Fast Metabolism Lp  M'Ladys  (2011)
**Fish and Roses'  -Monks Hate You-
Friar Truck Record 7-inch  Ajax  (1991)
**The Monks  -Complication- 
Black Monk Time Album  International Polydor Production  (1966)
**Eddy Current Suppression Ring  -I Admit My Faults-
Walking in Unison 12-inch Single  Captcha  (2011)
**Talk Normal  -Lone General-
7-inch  M'Ladys  (2011)
**Balaclavas  -Snake People-
Snake People Lp  Dull Knife  (2011)
**Contrepoison  -To Never, Forever-
...Until Next Morning 12-inch Ep  Avant!  (2011)
**Scorpion Violente  -13 ans presque 17-
Uberachleiss Lp  Avant!  (2010/2011)

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