Friday, October 21, 2011

WE will always love him - L/D; 10/20/2011

Dance hit of the week.......

Aired October 20th, 2011

MP3 Download

**Kitchen's Floor  -Twenty-Four-
Look Forward To Nothing Lp  Siltbreeze  (2011)
**Polvo  -Tread On Me- 
S/T Album  Jesus Christ  (1995)
**Joby's Opinion  -Natty Bohemian- 
7-inch  Friction Media  (1995)
**Per Purpose  -Real Ingenuity- 
Implicating More Than One 12-inch Ep  Bedroom Suck  (2011)
**Zebra Attack  -We Know- 
Hypersonic Disorientation Lp  Soundexploder  (2005)
**Sisters of Mercy  -1969- 
Alice 12-inch Ep  Merciful  (1983)
**Grave Babies  -Pleasures- 
7-inch  Hardly Art  (2011)
**Soft Kill  -Sea of Doubt-
An Open Door Lp  Fast Weapons  (2011)
**WE  -We Will Always Love You- 
10-inch  Pil and Galia Kollectiv  (2011)
**Tunnels  -Crystal Arms- 
The Blackout Lp  Thrill Jockey  (2011)
**Cocteau Twins  -Wax and Wane- 
Garlands Lp  4AD  (1982)
**System Liliputt  -Gatelangs- 
Harpa Lp  Dark Entries  (2011; Orig. 1984 on cassette)
**Severed Heads  -Mambo Fist Miasma- 
Dead Eyes Opened 12-inch Ep  Nettwerk  (1985)

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